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sudden head pain
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sudden head pain

It started 2 weeks ago...a dull head ache...thought it might have been a head cold starting...
went to the the gym as normal, while working out my head started to "pulse with severe pain", so bad i had my hands pressed to either side of my head...i actually thought my head was going to explode...the sudden pain died down, i left the gym for home...the rest of the day i had a dull head ache...
for a few days later the "sudden severe head pain" came and went...

then nothing for a few days, then while "working out with my girlfriend" the same thing happened, i was bend over with pain again pressing my hands to either side of my head, after about 10 seconds the sever pain went away and again i was left with a dull head ache...

other symptoms are, neck pain, right at the top of it where it joins my head...

went to the dr who checked my height weight ratio and blood pressure, all ok...
he brushed my of with "there is a slight virus going around causing head cold symptoms"...

how ever i still have a dull head ache, neck pain and i afraid to do anything that requires exersion in case the pain comes back...

can anybodyhelp me with this...

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I get these - I call them "lightning strikes" and my dr doesn't take them seriously. He attributes them to stress, but I'm not sure, myself.

You may wish to keep a journal of when and where you have the problems -- I draw ovals that are shaped like heads and then mark where they happen and when -- and what I was doing just prior.

Check what you're eating and what you're doing -- is it muscular?

I'm not a doctor, but I do have a lot of headaches... stretching helps me, including stretching out my neck under a hot-hot shower.

Good luck!

thats sounds like a good idea...

yeah my neck and shoulders to feel tense...

so maybe thats the cause...
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