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venous angioma area has severe pain there..why?
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venous angioma area has severe pain there..why?

I have been dx with a venous angioma and have read that they can turned into caverness malformations,is it true and what should I do?
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
Venous angiomas are considered to be ‘congenital anomalies’. Not all venous angiomas cause problems. Usually they occur alone. Only some venous angiomas have cavernous malformations, which is another vascular malformation. If there is no associated cavernous malformation now, one is unlikely to develop in future. Rarely these cause bleeding and are often asymptomatic. If there are pressure symptoms or bleeds then seizures, vomiting, headaches, neurological disabilities and weakness, numbness etc may occur.
If you were having a brain scan for some other reasons then this could just be an incidental finding. However if you have symptoms mentioned earlier and venous malformation is thought to be the cause then this will need to be treated by medications to control symptoms. Surgery is the last resort as this can cause serious complications. Please consult a neurosurgeon and discuss the case. If an incidental finding, then do not be too worried as complications are rare. Take care!
     Thank you so much 4 ur information on VA. I am just worried because I've had 12 or more MRI's, and I have had 2 Cat Scans(one after a Myleogram-which I think almost killed me)...now, I know that sounds ridiculas, but I had been given the wrong info, one nurse after 4-5 hrs. after I had the procedure told me that I could go to the restroom and when I got home I had a headache that lasted 6-7 days. By the time they noticed I felt like I was dying(the nurse also told me not to drink any sodas and I heard afterward that is what I was suppose to drink),they took me back to Hosp.(2hr.drive)vomiting all the way. I think guts were coming up(gross,but true and my pants were soaking wet because I have incontinence bad also).
     Anyway,back 2 the problem at hand( it has been for 4yrs.+),I have been getting round balls that feel hard at the back of my neck and on the sides of my temples,also I feel like I have whelps or fluid filled place on my head---scary because you can't touch them they are so sore.(I do have photo of knot on one of my temples if u want to see it is on my profile-it's inbarrassing). You then can see my face with all the boils. You know that I had the same thing last yr. and it has come back. It went away after I took Levequin..yes, I said Levequin. Do you think it has anything to do with me having head problems? HMM?  I asked the NS if it could be Post herpetic Neuralgia...he said no. I am just at my wits end. I have been dx with Spinal Stenosis yet on my last Cevical MRI it says that it shows no sign of stenosis(doesn't that mean I don't have it?)
     I am so sorry @ my post. I know it is hard to read because I seem to bunch it all together. I have been told @ doing it b4..I try to think of that when I am writing. I just have so much going on in my mind and body that it scares me. I hurt most in my NECK and I know that it is either something in my head or my neck. It also said on the final report and I quote.."No clear evidence of herniation or stenosis."
     I am so tired of suffering and truly believe that if I don't get these screws off this nerve or vein or both...whatever it is, it is going to drive me crazy. I can't do anything right. I have headache(dull, achey (achy),stabby,piercing,throbbing...oh..the throbbing).I drop everything because I can't feel my hands or they feel puffy. I know this is going to sound strange, but it feels like someone is blowing on my thumb to fill my index finger...strange? IT feels fat and numb, but the others fine. I have so many symptoms...WHAT IS THIS? OH...heavy sigh...
     I am a very independent strong woman and this is killing me. I hurt so much and scream, cry when I am brushing my teeth, can't use but one arm sometimes in the tub because the other one doesn't work and typing seems to come easier than most things although I make a lot of mistakes that makes me go back and correct.
     This also might be of some importance. My sinuses feel full(right behind my nose), but my ears are open and my nose also has pollups in them(spelling?)I have to clear my nose a lot(@ every minute or two and I am not talking @ blowing it, it just builds up and I guess they call it "hocking"..I know GROSS,
     I also am having eye pain and they get blurry(when I am on the comp. and this is not long,  my eyes start to getting out of focuIs,I get dizzy a little, and I have to get my new glasses(bifocals-my pres. is not strong or bad dr. sad), but I don't understand what it is. I have those pollups and I am wondering if I have them elsewhere. It didn't say anything on the report @ them,but my nose gets so built up and I do blow a lot of stuff out, but it is so clear no color to it. Now, my chest is a different story,it has some terrible color to it(dark green and I guess some browness color from smoking?)
     Can you tell me something? Why is my body sore all over? I mean I could press anywhere on my body and it feels as if someone has hit me w/a baseball bat. I can't even rub or scratch..it hurts.
     One more question, I wonder why I get so hot all over,dizzy, and sometimes other symptoms when I have to have a BM. Sometimes, I go to the bathrrom and it'll feel like I'm going, but will actually go back up in(what in the world?). I have been told that I have Diveticuitis. I know that is pockets and maybe siince I have so many probs now being constip/diar.(it goes back and forth).
     I thinK I covered @ the most of what bohters me. I hope u don't mind reading all of this, but I would appreciate if so much if you could tell me something. I really need some kind of idea of what is going on.
                                                       Thanks so much and always...GOD BLESS,
                                                       Karen E
It is me again and I haven't heard from u. I know I have a wide range of symptoms, but I need someone's input. I have been to NS,NL,Ortho.S, and PM..that they see nothing wrong. They did find however my sed.rate to be 55,one NL did point out that he did see a compression,yet they say my spine looks straight and one even said that my spine looked better than his...this doesn't mean it feels the same.
     I just found out that THE  Pain Treatment Center In Southaven,MS was shut down last yr. for all of the malpractice suits that were filed against them. THEY re-opened?HOW? WHY?
     I just want to be me again..but I am scared of what he done to me while I was at the MSPTC...He performed 3 ESI's(Epidural Steroid Inj.),and the first two seemed to give me some relief and the last one made me jump on the table,felt as if they were using those paddes that makes your body jump like that when they're trying to revive you.
I know he hit a nerve and that is why no one else is finding anything.They are looking at the bone and not focusing on the nerves. I just wish I could get a dx so I move on with my life. I want to help people myself, but it seems I am being the one the needs all the help. It is that bad and I need desperately to find a good Dr. I was thinking since I have been to the ones listed that I need to go to another spectrum of Dr.'s. I thought an Infectious disease might also help bc I am afraid I have some kind of infection in my neck somehow. I hurt and sometimes can't even touch it.This seems to be actually driving me crazy.MY brain hurts...really.I have pain on my temples(mostly left)..looked it up and it is called "Ice pick headaches"..They certainly feel like it.This is riduculas not being able to live a normal life just because someone struck you in the back and shut it down. It is a sad world to see a NS NOT TRY TO HELP HIS PATIENT BY RUNNING MORE TEST. HE HAS NL RIGHT THERE TO DO IT AND YET HE HAS FAILED.  I AM ALREADY UPSET THAT SOMEONE TOOK MY LIFE AND YET ANOTHER PERSON DON'T WANT TO GIVE IT BACK...WHAT IS UP WITH THAT!
     I am sorry I got so knotted up...oh,,I stay that way bc my muscles stay tight and I am always miserable..this is definately not living.  docternee medicl,can u give me some sort of insite on this what seems like a growing problem here on this website.
     I am beginning to think no one is listening to me anymore. I am tooo young to be stuck in this bed. I have already lost a marriage and a son(who, I think now is coming around to understanding that mom is really sick and in pain.)If there is anyone out there...is there is anyone who cares...I am sorry 4 that is how I feel sometimes. Take care and always..GOD BLESS...Karen
These "Ice pick headache" things are driving me crazy. I guess, the intensity and the time it lingers...something is wrong.I'm even having my skull...yeah, I said my skull, it feels like it is cracking...and it is very creepy. Could I have a brain or a tumor somewhere that they are just finding? I did have one doc tell me that I could possibly have a tumor in up under a bone in my shoulder. Now, my shoulder is bone on bone. I was told that by a Physiatrist and I asked him what do I do @ that? He told me I'd have to have a shoulder replacement. He didn't look like it was very pleasant. So, I said what would they have to do..he said replace your whole shoulder...I said ohhhh. WHOO that would be bad..Man. what else is wrong w/me?
      You know, even the hair where those ice pick things occur,I can't even touch. I can't even press or rub, and I can't scratch anywhere or I will have pain. What does that sound like? I just have so many symptoms, but my problem is that I lost my Ins. when this stuff was coming on me and I just thought I'd get over it,but this is the worst thing I've ever been thru...worst than having a baby, at least after all the pain(I went thru 22 hrs..no lie..with my first born son, vaginally(with episiotomy)and the epid. didn't even take(after 4 tries....it went down my leg...yeah it did and it wasn't fun, but if I had to go thru that once a yr. and not to have to be like I am...I'd take that deal...ohhh, but I would have a baby each yr.(oh well, it is still worth it...it is bad...very,very uncomfortable,getting stabbed from out of the blue(like a knife going in my back..hollering kind of misery), oh and one of my favs..the axe that likes to stick into my back. I have so many things on my body that hurts. BRUSIES..are coming up and I don't even have to hit anything anymore they just appear.
     I have babbled enough @ all the pain and misery. I just wished someone had an idea what the blank this is. I just want to have some enjoyment left out of life. I don't want to be confined to a wheelchair...my legs. I thank you 4 ur interest into my crazy mixed up life.
    Take care docternee and always....GOD BLESS...Karen
i have some of the same symptoms as what you have listed above... but im in the same boat as you.. drs have no idea as to what is causing it.. specially like you put it.. the ice pick headaches.. it is so frustratiing. only i have had all this going on since i was about 16 yrs old an now i am 26.
Dear Dr., I am a patient with a venous angioma and am told by my neurologist that it is causing seizures, do you have any advice please?
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