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21 Y/O Female, Hx Headaches for 9 yrs, w/ memory loss, + microadenoma &...
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21 Y/O Female, Hx Headaches for 9 yrs, w/ memory loss, + microadenoma & hemangioma

Any help given would be greatly appreciated.

Age 12 I began having severe HAs included light & sound sensitivity. These HAs occurred every 2-3 days. I saw a neuro who did an MRI which came back clear. Given an RX for a migraine med that did not offer relief.

Age 13 my HAs are daily lasting between 1-5 hrs. I began to experience severe mood swings & feelings of overall depression. I saw a psychiatrist and was dx w/ Bi-polar disorder. Over the next four yrs the psychiatrist I saw attempted the use of multiple Rxs. I did not experience any relief.

Age 13 my 'memory issues' began. I have a very difficult time recalling specific events that occurred in my past. I have a difficulty remembering conversations I have had earlier in the week and sometimes in the same day. Often when I do remember, it is a general idea of what it was about, but I find myself unable to remember details.

Age 17 the mood swings & depression I had experienced ceased. The psychiatrist I had at the time stated that he has never seen symptoms stop in such a manner. He instructed me to d/c my medication which I did. I haven’t experienced any mood swings or depression since.

Starting about 2 yrs ago my HAs have become very severe & constant. The pain ranges from a 6-8 from the minute I am conscious in the morning until I go to bed. I saw 2 different neuros. One that did an MRI & said I had a microadenoma & hemangioma. Stated these 2 masses caused my pain & I have 2 vertebre that are slightly off center. Tried me on several Rxs which had very little effect.

I switched neuros. He dx me with migraines. Tried me on several Rxs before finding two that have helped: Topiramate 100 mg and Tizanidine 4 mg at bedtime.

This had worked for about 6 mos. However 3 weeks ago my HAs came back. This time my HAs are R-side predominate w/pain behind my R-eye.

In the last 3 mos I have also had a 20 lb weight loss w/ feelings of lethargy and nausea. Despite the nausea I have been eating full meals.

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Dear Friend,
There is nothing to worry about, but i would suggest you to have 2 consultations done.
One should pertain to a proper second opinion, for the confirmation of the medicines and treatment also. Also there is a need to do a Re-MRI so as to confirm the presence or growth of
Second one is pertaining to, taking an opinion from a good councilor, who can assess the situation from another aspect and will be able to guide you in a better way.
Beside this i don't have much option to give you as i have not seen or examined you physically and hence it would be difficult for me to give you the perfect medicines presently.
Please discuss, for further opinion.
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Oh my Gosh...I read ur blog and though u were me...however my headaches did not start at 12. They began 9 yrs ago and are very simalr to yours.  I was diagnosed with severe chronic migraines and have been given every maintenance drug such as Topomax (topamax), Neurotin, Depokot, etc and also every abortive therapy on the market....immitrex...frova...injections..relepex...etc...NOTHING WORKED.  I continued to tell the 6th neuologist now it was not migraines...diagnosis have  chronic daily headaches, tension headaches, and the last diagnosis was that I needed to see a psychiatrist. HA! Please dont't let them tell you are Crazy.  Even though at times you feel that way.  It is not all in your head, even though actually it is...hee hee.  Sure you are depressed.  You way up with a freakin' headache every day with zero quality of life.  Many of times I feel life just finding a monkey to operate on my brain.  Other issues I have....Thyroid, anemia, fibromyalgia, MVP, TMJ, restless leg, sleep apnea, and presently being tested for lupus.  So, I feel like a lemon,  I have also have had numerouse MRI's, Cat scans, and a variety of tests and Injections.  I found it odd that your vertebrae was off center because mine is as well....have you tried a chiroprctor?
I did for a while and it helped take the pressure off my head.  Find one in your town that uses machines and NOT their hands....totally different.  Well, I wish you well.  I totally understand ur pain.  Sometimes it just helps to have it validated.  My hope for you and you probably totally get this...you wake up tomorrow without a headache.  Katie

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