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My problem is that I have high colesterol. I can't eat fryed foods anymore. I know that eggs have high
colesterol in them but I love eggs. My question is, is there anyway to substitute eggs besides eating just the egg whites? What is the specific reason that you can't eat fryed foods? Is it the oil you use or the basic fact of
frying? What is the main reason?
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I'm on a low cholesterol diet as well.  Here are the guidelines you should follow.

I found this web site on the subject of cholesterol and eggs and here is the suggestion it makes:

"If you are concerned about your blood cholesterol level, reduce the amount of saturated fat and trans fat in your diet rather than reducing your egg intake. Choose omega-3 eggs to protect your heart and enjoy the whole egg. The yolk is loaded with carotenoids, vitamin A, vitamin E and choline."

You need to substitute saturated fats for healthy fats.  Increase your fish and take some fish oil caplets for omega 3's.  I eat about 4 or 5 eggs a week.  I use a non-stick pan and just a teaspoon of olive oil or else spray with Pam.  You can also look at making boiled eggs or poached eggs - all cooked with limited fat.  

Many will say that heating a healthy oil like olive oil converts it to saturated fat.  This is a myth:

Olive Oil Source: California Olive Oil News

"Olive Oil Myth:  Olive oil loses its benefits when heated

The Facts: Excessively heating olive oil will evaporate the alcohols
and esters which make up its delicate taste and fragrance. Heating
olive oil will not change its health aspects, only the flavor. Use a
cheaper olive oil which doesn't have much flavor to begin with if you
want to fry with it, add a more flavorful olive oil after cooking or
at the table.

Do use the food diary here.  Put in everything you eat and then if you look at the reports it supplies it will tell you if you are staying under the 30% fat level in your diet.  Good luck!
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I can't see that doing something like a stir-fry with healthy ingredients, cooked in a little good oil would be harmful? If I do a stir fry, I make sure I use a good pan first, so I don't need much oil (maybe a couple of teaspoonfuls) I use organic Sunflower oil, which is healthy as far as I know...? Grape seed oil is OK too. Neither has too much taste, so won't spoil the food.
Basically what you are looking for is a diet which is rich in natural foods, fruit vegetables, and lean meats and fish. (if you are vegetarian, many nuts are good for lowering cholesterol, for instance, Walnuts and Almonds)

Things you'll need to steer clear of are processed foods, pastries, cakes, fatty foods, butter, too much cheese,ice cream, and I would restrict milk too, particularly full-fat milk. Calcium can be found in many foods and also in some mineral waters. You'll need to look into that.
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