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Getting my first hearing aids, questions!
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Getting my first hearing aids, questions!

Hello, I'm new here, and I hope you all can give me some advice.  I'm a 37-year-old woman whose mother and aunt are deaf.  My aunt started losing her hearing as a teenager, was diagnosed with degenerative nerve deafness in her early 20s, and was totally deaf by her late 20s.  She is now 50 and got a cochlear implant two years ago.  My mother's hearing loss was more gradual, but was the same type.  She has very limited hearing but can function with hearing aids.  

A few years ago, I began to notice my own hearing loss, and, terrified, I ignored it until one night I finally broke down crying and admitted it to my mom.  She of course made me promise to see an audiologist right away, which I did.  The doctor I saw told me that I had mild hearing loss in my left ear and moderate in my right, that I was missing the upper frequencies, and that it was the same type as my mother's and my aunt's.  She told me that a "gain reduction" hearing aid would help.  I'm going in a few weeks to be fitted, but I just wanted to ask about your experiences with these types of hearing aids and if you had recommendations for me.  I just started a new job where I sometimes have to work in a large room with high ceilings and a TV or radio usually on, and when I'm in there and someone tries to talk to me I have to walk up to them and ask them to repeat themselves.  This is the first time my hearing loss has ever affected a job, so I'm taking it kind of hard, because I watched both my aunt and my mom quit jobs as they went deaf.  Anything you can tell me will be greatly appreciated, as this news has been tough for me and I'm trying to be as positive and proactive as possible.  Thank you!
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hope all is well
i read ur story.
hearing aids are brilliant.
my 4 year old son was left deaf in january after a seious ilness, left ear and profoundly deaf in his right ear.
in march he got his first hearing aid for the right hand side were he had up to 80 deciples of natural hearing. as u know we hear with 10 so wasnt much there.
took my son a good few weeks to get used to the hearing aid but is doin brilliantly.
he got cochlear implant on left side and is now wearing that two.
doing brilliantly

dont worry about hearing aid's
i didnt wear them but i know it took my so bit of time o get used to it but once he did he was doin great.
and remember he has a profound deafness.
wish u all the best.

may i ask how is ur aunt doing with the cochlear implant??
if u wish to contact me through email its ***@****


I am 78.Had tinitus(ringing in ear) since last 30 years and deaf since last 10 years using haearing aid in both the years. This poblem is genetic. my mother had tinitus and deafness. My sibblings ( my brothers and sisters) als have some hearing loss. I understand you will have to practice for some time with any type of hearing aid. Sophisticated aids are no better than ordinary one. each individual have different
experience with different aids I am afraid you might have to try differnt thpes . IN any case it will never be as good as natural hearing.
with new devices you may get more cofortable.So youwill have to choose carefully. I wish you best of luck.
Sophisticated aids are no better than ordinary one. each individual have different

That statement contridicts itself. Sophisticated hearing aids may be no different to you, but that may not be the case for others.

People buy expensive hearing aids for a reason, and I do not think it is because they want to spend more money.
I am 23 years old and have mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears and have been so since birth. I just got my 1st set of hearing aids over a year ago and they work wonders. I like you noticed when i was working had to ask people to repeat themselves till i got my aids now i find myself doing that less and less.

So dont be too worried they are there to help you not hurt you.

Good Luck
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