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Hearing Loss

Please indicate why a 45 year old man who as good hearing responses go to bed and wake up with normal haring in one ear and NONE in the other.  He also become dizzy.
Ross Montgomery
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The more popular theory is viral, a form of herpes attacks the ear. I have to see I have seen enough people treated with valtrex and have a fair to good recovery to believe this theory.
Sudden hearing loss is a MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Get to an ear specialist today, if not sooner!

The sooner treatment is started, the better your chances for recovery of hearing.

In 90 percent of cases of sudden hearing loss, they can't determine the cause. Not knowing the cause makes it difficult to know how to treat it, but they can throw some steroids at it (high dose of oral prednisone starting at 60 mg/day is the standard, I believe--someone please correct me if I'm wrong). You may also get antiviral medication or possibly some other treatment as they try to cover all bases.

Please be sure to immediately see a NEURO-OTOLOGIST (also spelled neurotologist)--these are ENTs with extra training in the inner ear. Many regular ENTs may not know what to do for sudden hearing loss. Neurotologists will get you in on an emergency basis if you tell them you woke up without hearing in one ear. Be specific about this when you call.

You can find a list of neurotologists at the American Neurotology Society Web site.

Especially with dizziness, it's important to be seen by a specialist. DO NOT let a GP tell you it's just water in the ear, or a blocked Eustachian tube, or what have you. Most GPs do NOT know that sudden hearing loss needs to be evaluated by a specialist within 24 to 48 hours!

Two GPs that I saw or spoke to in the days following my sudden hearing loss (with dizziness) said stuff like "Ears can take a long time to unplug... try Dramamine... try Afrin..." and cleaned the wax out of my ears, thinking that solved the problem. I did not see an ENT until a month later, much too late.

No matter what the doctors try, hearing may or may not return. I hope it does for you. Mine never did.

Best of luck,
Nancy T.
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