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Meneirs Disease?
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Meneirs Disease?


I am a 19 year old female in College, who recently moved out on my own into an older appartment building and since the move have been experiencing several different symptoms which have had a large negative impact on my life, to the point where it is hard to leave bed and attend classes, read, focus or do any of my normal daily activities.

The symptoms began with a feeling of being slightly "out of it" followed by ear pain (ringing and feeling of fullness/blockage in the left ear) which then progressed to both ears, and then headaches which are now migrains, severe neck and sometimes back pain, dizziness, light-headedness, numbness in right arm and hand, strain in my left eye at times, and sometimes vertigo like attacks.

I have been experiencing these symptoms now for nearly 5 months and am at a loss for what to do, frustrated with the answers I have recieved from all the doctors I have seen.

I was told by my ENT that I may possibly have Menieres, and was prescribed two doses of 24mg of Novo-Betahistine daily for a month, and then to return and see him in March. I have been on the pills for nearly a week now, and have not noticed any difference at all, is that normal?

I have also tried taking allergy pills such as Aerius.

I was also on anti-bitotic (Biaxin) for a week when the symptoms first arose as my doctor thought it may have been a bad sinus infection;however, the symtoms (symptoms) only continued to worsen.

I have also been given some Axert pills to take for Migrain pain.

I take two 200mg Ibuprofen pills a day to deal with some of the headache pains and neck/back pain, as well as gravol from time to time to help with the dizziness/nausea.

I am going to see my ENT this week again to ask for a referral for a scan of my sinuses as I am not completely convinced it is Meniers disease at this point, and would like to explore any other possible causes.

Any insight into what else may be the cause of these symptoms would be appretiated!
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