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28yr old male with Moderate aortic insufficiency and aortic root dilata...
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28yr old male with Moderate aortic insufficiency and aortic root dilatation

Good Afternoon

I am a 28yr old male and a captain in the USAF.  I've known for sometime now that I've had a "bicuspid aortic valve" and "moderate aortic insufficiency".

Additionally on a recent echocardiogram, one of the conclusions was "Aortic root dilatation at 5.0 cm by echocardiographic measurement".  As a result of this, my cardiologist has ordered a CT Scan with contrast which he states will provide a more "accurate" measurement of the aortic root.

Based on the limited information that I currently have what conclusions can be drawn from it?  From my limited research that I have conducted, it sounds like the 5.0cm aortic root may be of some concern.

What are your impressions?

Thank you
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Im assuming the aortic root is the bottom of the assending aorta as it enters your heart, I'm not definate. I know my aorta is enlarged, it's 4cm. He ordered me to get a CT Scan also for better measurments. I have severe aortic insufficiency, and a severly enlarged heart. I have a bicuspid aortic valve. I'm having my aortic valve replaced at the end of the month, he is still contemplating on replacing the aorta at the same time. I'm 25. If we are talking about the same part of the aorta, it's a tough pill to swallow, but I would be concerned. Sounds like your valve may have some time left. Do not take my word for that though because there are factors that could have an affect on your valve. My valve was moderately severe 4 years ago. I'm a tuff sucker though, my doctors are really surprised that I don't have that many symptoms, and obviously I wouldn't make it another year. I'll be praying for you. If your Dr. isn't panicing, I wouldn't either. Take Care. Let me know what you find out.
JT, any update?  
I have similar circumstances, and have found it is difficult to get good information about the "5 cm" limit.  Specifically, how valid is this limit for younger people?  Where is it measured (the root is normally larger than the ascending aorta, even in "normal" people)?

Since the 5.0 cm rule is based on statistical studies, I think it's fair to question the data it was based on.  But this is proving hard....
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