3 leaky valves in healthy 32 year old.
by beth21976, Jan 12, 2009
i have 3 leaky valves, i just found out last month. my aortic is mild to moderate, mitral is mild and triscuspid is mild. i have seen 2 dr's and they seem to think i should not be worried at this point and just get my heart checked once a year w/an echocardiogram. is anyone else in this situation? this many leaky valves at a young age? they didn't think i need medication for it. any advice or experience with this i would love to hear.
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by Encephalomalcia, Jan 13, 2009
Well, I have one leaky valve and the doctors told me that this is a normal heart for a 44 year old.  The heart valves can improve on their own.  I have spoke to several elderly people who are in their 80's who said that they had bad valves and that they just got better and they did not need surgery.  My grandfather had a leaky valve for 30 years.  The heart valves will cause extreme shortness of breath if they become severe and need attention.  There are many new heart procedures being done now and are coming in the next few years, so if your heart valves were to get worse there may be no more open heart surgery done for repair or replacement of the valves.  The surgery will be done through a catheter through the groin.  Eat healthy and get the yearly echo, but try not to worry about it and let it take over your life.  There are a lot of people are out there who do not even know that they have leaky valves and have no symptoms and feel fine.  Sometimes the heart fixes itself.  Try not to worry, just make sure to eat healthy.  
by kenkeith, Jan 13, 2009
Usually there is some calcification of valves as one ages as does calcification of the vessels and the leaflets do not completely close...also can be congenital and never progress.  Mild is considered medically insignificant.  

Mild to moderate is unlikely to be a problem and asymptomatic, but if and when there is a problem the usual pathology would be an enlarged left ventricle to compensate fro less blood blood pumped into circulation with each heartbeat.  An enlarged LV can/will impair contractions compromising an adequate supply of blood to meet the blood/oxygen demand.  Worst case scenario.

I have moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation for many years, and there has been no progression and no symptoms.  Also, mild leakage of the other valves.  

Do you know the underlying cause for the aortic valve insufficiency?
by beth21976, Jan 14, 2009
thank you for your information. i do not know the cause of the aortic leakage. i have never been sick as a child, or really as an adult, never hospitalized. the cardiologist seemed to think it is something that i was born with. i know it is not that common in women to have it be in the aortic valve. it is good to talk to someone like you who is going through something similar. i have also been experiencing higher blood pressure than normal. i usually am on the lower end.
by beth21976, Jan 14, 2009
thank you for your information and comments. i am trying to not be stressed about it and just think that my heart will heal itself. there is no cause for why i have these leaky valves, other than being born w/it. i do eat very healthy, but my blood pressure has been higher than normal lately so i am not really able to exercise.
it's good to hear from you that there is hope. thanks.
by ibbrave7, Jan 14, 2009
I also am going through the same sittuation. I am only 31 and found out last year, after going to soooo many dr. about chest pain and speedy heart and high bp, that I have 3 mild leaky heart valves. 1)Mild mitral regurgitation 2)Mild pulmonic insufficiency 3)Mild tricuspid regurgitation with normal estimated pulmonary artery pressures. I have mormal left ventricular systolic and diastolic function. Before I found this out, the dr. put me on propranolol (beta blocker) 10mg 3xs a day to keep my hr lower along with bp. So I've been on these meds for a year now. But hear recently, I had to lower the doseage to 2xs a day cause my hr wouldnt go over 68, while being active. But anyways, the cardio dr. does want me to remain on the meds along with one baby asprin a day to prevent heart attack. He told me that the beta blocker would take lower hr and bp so there is less stress on the heart which could cause worsening of the valves. Last month I went in for an exam and he said everything seems to be going great. He releived me by telling me that you could live for 50yrs or more with heart valves leaking. Also said that I could excersice as much as my heart desires and if I even wanted to have more children, than I could. He assured me that I was probably born with it. Which makes sence, cause I had severe dizziness, headaches and nosebleeds as a child. At that time no dr. could figgure out what was causing my problems. Cardio dr. told me this is probably why I had problems as a child.
Hope this helps and know that your not alone!:)
I stress myself all the time worrying about this and it really makes things worse on me.
Oh yeah and searching the net is scary too not to mention stressfull. I know, I do it all the time.
by kenkeith, Jan 14, 2009
Sometimes an aortic valve begins to leak at about your age due to a bicuspid aortic valve.  That is a congenital condition referred to as an aortic syndrome where the leaflets (closes the valve opening during the filling phase and opens during the pumping phase) for the valve are two rather than the normal three.  Also, the aorta root (area just below the opening) can be involved and is susceptible to abnormal enlargement.  Worst case scenario.  Take care.
by MAGDEF, Jan 22, 2012
This may not be much help, but I, too, have 3 leaking heart valves.  I began to have muscle spasms that progressed to disabling pain.  I had a variety of symptoms including palpitations and chest pain that forced me into the ER without insurance.  Many tests later, I have apparently been dignosed with a magnesium deficiency that has done some permanent damage.  I may progress to Pulmonary Hypertension; no one knows for sure. My diet was not that poor, so the cause is unknown.  Needless to say, I now take supplements.  Defintely eat well, consider supplements, exercise moderately if and when you can, and keep getting echos yearly.  I wish us both luck.  Without insurance I could not be referred to a cardiologist, yet.  The doctors I saw had no real good advice.  We are left in the dark....
by sommer250, Feb 16, 2012
gosh im 35 and i just found out i have 3 mild valve leakages!!!!!!!!
i see my life flashing before my eyes!!!!!!!!  
i want to cry everyday!
and i feel selfish to say that !!!
by sommer250, Feb 16, 2012
im 35, i just found out i have 3 valves that are mildly leaking! the only one good is the aortic valve... how depressing!
i was told no meds ,, just monitor it yearly!