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3 rd time bypass surgery
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3 rd time bypass surgery

  my father is scheduled to have 3 rd time by pass surgery at the cleveland clinic. we are trying to find out any information on 3 rd time surgery. the surguron is Dr. Bruce Lytle.  can you give me any information on this, or other web sites?   thanks
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Dear Mary,
Stop any search you might want to do, it will prove fruitless.  There are very
few heart surgeons in the entire country who are willing to do a third time
open heart surgery, so often patients are operated on by Dr.Bruce Lytle after all others
have said literally "no way".  
He is literally the best there is for these redo type operations and any other
very complicated operation for that matter.
Just in case you do not know, most surgeons will not attempt open heart surgeries,
that are third time redo's since the risks are so much greater (for death and  heart attack and such)
in comparison to those who are having there first open heart surgery.  This is where the
skill of the surgeon comes to a head, since just opening up the chest for the
third time is a very tedious process (getting through all that scar without
knicking any important vessels or prior bypass grafts for example.)

I hope you find this information useful. Information provided in the heart forum is for general
purposes only. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies. Please feel free to
write back with additional questions. Good luck.

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