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Abnormal ECG - Large R in V1
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Abnormal ECG - Large R in V1

Hello, I am a 28 year old female, 5'4", 124 lbs, and 11-12% body fat.  I am a powerlifter, (squat/bench/deadlift) and when not training for meets, I also run 5Ks on a regular basis.  My gym routines consist of appx 60-90 minutes of lifting 4 times per week, and 30 minutes of cardio 6 times per week.  My cholesterol is 123 with a good LDL/HDL ratio, and my blood pressure is normal.  Regarding family history, my father had a heart attack at 51, which was accompanied by smoking and other risk factors. This past Thursday, as part of my job, I underwent an ECG/EKG, which is required every 5 years (I'm in law enforcement.).  An EKG done 5 years ago was normal, as well as one I had done 4 years ago.  This past Thursday, however, I was absolutely floored to see my EKG print-out, which solely noted "Large R in V1" (normal sinus rhythm). The EKG was "borderline abnormal".  This was a 6-lead EKG, and took moments to complete.  I noticed that the EKG print-out showed me as a 28 year-old female weighing 24 pounds.  I went to point out the 100-pound weight error, and overheard the EKG-taker tell the doctor that the print-out was the best she could do.  I then asked for it to be retaken, but as this was an occupational health office, I was told that they did not have the time.  Completely flustered, I went to see my primary care doctor the same day, who indicated that she believed that it may have been a "lead placement" issue, but provided me orders for a stress echocardiogram.  I'm very scared as this is the first "issue" with an EKG I've ever had.  Any insight is very much appreciated!
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I would have to see the ECG to tell if it was abnormal. As a healthy 28 year old it is probably going to be more of an issue of lead placement, especially since you had recent ECGs that were normal.  This is most commonly the case.  

Your likely hood of coronary disease is very low, so a stress really isnt going to help too much.  I would probably get a formal good ecg with your doctor first to see if the ecg is accurate.  If there are problems on the ecg, a regular echo would indicate if there is any structural problems causing the finding.

good luck
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