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Abnormal EKG
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Abnormal EKG

Hi, I am 43 y.o female. Aprox 6 weeks ago I experienced chest pain  just under my left breat bone with pain up into my left jaw area. It lasted for several minutes and for the next three days I was extremely exhausted. It was all I could do to get out of bed. I have a history of high blood pressure. usually aprox 140/90ish. I take Diovan 80 mgs. and Dyazide daily.
I went to my family doctor about a week later and she did an ekg. After she read the ekg she sent me for a nuclear stress test the script stated r/o ischemia C.P. abnormal EKG, dyspnea and fatigue.
At the site for the test they did the before pictures.. hooked me up to the ekg and then called in the cardiologist, who looked at the ekg and then ordered an echo to be done that day.  Sorry if this is a bit long but I am worried and would love some professional input into the situation. Thank you so much for your review.

Here are my results for stress:

Stress Findings: patient underwent Adenosine protocol. The patient had symptons of dyspnea and fatigue. Patient had transient AV Block during infusion. The blood pressure response to stressor was normal; resting 140/90 mmHg, peak 180/96 mmHg. The exercise EKG is nondiagnostic.
(however I remember them taking a b.p of 210/100 at one point during test.)

Image Finding: Oncine loop images, there is breast attenuation noted. The left ventricular size is normal.
Perfusion imaging: No evidece of Ischemia
Gated Images: There are no wall motion abnormalities with normal thickening. The computer generated fraction is 56%. The end diastolic volume is 86 ml.

Stress EKG: Nondiagnostic. The patient did not experience chest pain.
Perfusion: No evidence of ischemia
Gated Images: Normal Function.

ECHO Results:

Mitral Valve:0.70
Regurgatiation : trace
P 1/2 Time : 70

Tricuspid Valve: 0.60
Regurgatation: Trace
Peak TR Velocity 2.20 m/sec
PA Sys. Pressure: 24 mmHg

Pulmonic Valve: 0.60
Regurgitation: Trace

Left Ventricle : Normal size, Borderline Concentric Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. Left Ventricular ejection fraction is 60%. Normal left ventricular systolic function. E/E` ration of 7.00. E` of 10 cm/sec. No regional wall motion abnormalities.

Mitral Valve: normal mitral valve leaflets. Mitral valve pressure half time of 70 secs. Trace mitral regurgitation.

Aortic Valve: trileaflet aortic valve. Peak gradient of 7 mmHg across the aortic valve. No Aortic regurgitation.

Aorta/Pulmonary Artery: Normal zsize aortic root. Normal size ascending aorta.

Left Atrium: Normal left atrial size.

Tricuspid Valve/Pulmonic Valve: Normal tricuspid valve. Trace tricuspid regurgitation. Estimated pulmonary artery systolic pressure of 34 mmHg assuming a right atrial pressure of 5 mmHg. Normal pulmonic valve. Trace pulmonic regugitation.

Reight Ventricle and Right Atrium: Normal right ventricular size. Normal right ventricular systolic function. Normal right atrial size.

Pericardium: No visible preicardial abnomality. No pericardial effusion.

Other: Normal interventricular septum.

1. Normal left ventricular systolic function.
2. Borderline left ventriculary hypertrophy.

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Avatar n tn
I wanted to Add:
Left Ventricle:                         Right Ventricle:                                  Aorta:
Lvidd   4.40                                           Rvidd      2.80                        Ao Root       3.00
Lvids   3.10                                                                                       Valve            2.10
Lvsd    1.20
Plvw    1.20

Left Artium:    3.90
Ejection Faction 60
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These are very good results, I don't see anything to worry about. I'm not a doctor but I have researched these things and everything here looks good in my opinion! The only issue is the borderline LV hypertrophy, but your wall (lvsd) size is 1.2 cm which is the upper limit of normal so it should just be watched (I have the same thing on my report).

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