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Hi thanks for your replies, feel like I know you now, my Dr has told me to stop the Lopressor and monitor My HR,,,My Questions follow.

Q --- At a 12.5 mg dose of Lopressor 1/4 tab it is still doing something. I sometimes feel like it is a waste to even take it.

Q ----Does Amiodarone have immediate effects or impact on you or is it a maintenance drug once you reach a therapeutic level it keeps you there. I sometimes feel like my HR goes down after I take it.

I was managed on ami previously but that was 4 Ablations and 5 years ago.

Once again thank you

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Medicines effect different people in different ways. I have seen people respond markedly to very low doses of beta blockers and respond very little even to very high doses. You'll have to see what happens when you stop it.

Amiodarone is a maintance drug with a long half life, once you have levels in your system it will take awhile to drift out.  That said, amiodarone also has some beta blocking activity that you might get a little bang with after you take the dose. The slowing of your heart rate is not that suprising.

good luck
Hi, this is my first question.

Two weeks ago I entered the hospital with Atrial fiberation. I was put on 200 mg of Amiodarone but because I have a low heart rate (it can drop into low to mid forties.) my doctor is recommending a Pacemaker. As I am only 57 I am having a hard time adjusting to that idea.  As I investigate the pacemaker option he has lower the Amio to 100 mg.

What other natural(exercise/ diet / vitamins) or medical (drugs or pacemaker type devices) options can I consider.
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