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Audible heart beat in ear
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Audible heart beat in ear

  I am a 22 year old male.
  For about a year I have been able to hear
  my heart beat in my right ear.  At times
  it is quiet and at other times it is very loud
  Is this titinus?
  What do I do from here?
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Dear sufferer,
Tinitus is a ringing (like a very high pitched bell) in your ear.
You need to discuss this with your physician for a full history and physical
as it can be anything from high blood pressure or a heart murmur to nothing.
If you read Marlene's answer do not be alarmed, this is an unlikely diagnosis in you
being so young, but as Marlene says 'you should see your doctor' to assess for any
problems. Good Luck.  I hope that this information has been helpful, please write back
if you have any further questions. Information provided in the heart forum is intended for
general medical informational purposes only, actual diagnosis and treatment can only be made by
your physician(s).

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