Bicuspid Aortic valve and military enlistment
by hitman2484, May 03, 2009
I am a 24 year old male with a bicuspid aortic valve with mild-moderate regurgitaion. I went to a pediatric cardiologist (as he was the only one I'v seen for this condition since I was 16) to see about a waiver to enlist in the US military for my condition. He didn't give me a waiver but a letter of recomendations of not performing push-ups pull-ups sit-ups and no heavy weightlifting and suggested I be on lisinopril. so therefore possibly DQing me from enlistment. Now I know I'm not a docter but these where the same recomendation when I first found out I had this condition. I am very active I do weight lift not real heavy but anything I can do 8-10 reps of. I do push-ups sit-ups pull ups almost on a daily basis, I can run for miles and I have been in sports all my life. Even had a few pro boxing fights when i was 23. I have no symptom such heart papatation shortness of breath dizzyness or any of the ones he asked me and also should note i have not takin any meds and my blood pressure avrages 130/58 . From what he's telling me and the way I feel, I just don't get it. But I've also been told the "first sign of high blood pressue is instant death" I belive my left vent was at 6.5cm and from my echo 4 years ago it was 5.9. everything else was about the same. The reason im askin is i have no insurance, but want a second opinion. I thought some pro advise would help to see if its worth payin out of pocket to see another doctor. Any advise would be greatly appritiated.
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by JC92, Nov 23, 2010
I'm 18 and have the same condition as you, even with my bicuspid i became a black belt with many achievements and been in the most stress full enviornments, but it's not up to the doctors to decide, the military has to make sure there will be no problems during your training due to you being a liability. You should contact a local recruiter
by nickppatel, Nov 24, 2010
Both of you are playing with fire. Just saying.
by Ninipooh, Jan 25, 2013
Just saw your post from 2009. I am a physician and just took care of a healthy 20 yr old in the navy. He collapsed suddenly from an aortic dissection. He also had a bicuspid valve that was probably missed on enlistment. Bicuspid valve is associated with aortic dissection which most people do not survive. There are no symptoms until the dissection occurs. This is probably why you cannot be in the military.