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Blood pressure medicine and asthma
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Blood pressure medicine and asthma

I have bronchial asthma and every blood pressure medicine I have taken causes a constant cough and wheezing. Are there any medications I can take that doesn't cause these side effects? I have tried ToProl, Lisinipril, Tekturna, and now am on Verapamil Extended Release.
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Lisinpril can cause a chronic cough and you should stop this medication to see how the cough changes. It may be replaced with valsartan or candesartan which do not usually cause this side effect. The verapamil usually does not cause this side effect. This may not be related to your medications, and chronic cough or ' bronchial asthma' may actually be cardiac in nature ( e.g. CHF). Make sure your physician takes this other consideration into account.
Thank you so much for the information. I will talk with my doctor about this.
Hi there.  I'm no doctor, but I recently went through what you are going through.  I have asthma as well and was on a beta blocker, Toprol...it was horrible.  It handled my high BP, but I absolutely could not breath..wheezing, coughing, tightness in the chest, all the standard asthma symptoms.  My cardiologist changed me to a channel blocker (beta blockers are KNOWN to affect the bronchial tubes negatively) and I've had no problems since.  I'm on Cartial XP.

Good Luck to you!
one more to add to the list - I am on verapamil ccb now ! and have a bad cough and
congestion - I have symptoms like asthma - odd thing I was put a ccb before years ago
twice and each time same deal and symptoms!  when on a beta blocker im fine ?
also a ace inhibbitior does the same thing to me ?  my cardiologist said im allergic to ace inhibbitiors and cant take or tollerate ccbs.  Yet out of 8 Doctors iv been to for b.p
problems ,they still insist I take a ccb !  and within hours to days - im back with congestion and coughing and out of breath symtoms (symptoms) !   clearly ccbs are not for me !  

this shows we are all diffrent and react diffrent to each medication.
im in the process of finding a specialist, who can test me and find what I can tollerate
and take without problems.  

also iv been to the E.R twice for breathing problems and cramping from ccbs
they said its not your heart , its the medications your on -go back to your doctor and ask to change the meds !   well.....he wont do it !!  iv switched doctors now 2 times
same deal.   one says I cant do it go back to your primary doctor -  I dont have a primary Doctor !  im open access insurance !   so lm looking for a specailist ..

outside of the normal hum drum listed group of idiots !  

I think most b.p meds can cause congestion and coughing problems !  
A related discussion, miserable with cough, tiredness since Verapamil was started.
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