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Butter & Eggs!
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Butter & Eggs!

  Okay, what's the skinny on Butter and Eggs these days as it affects heart Disease and Cholestrol?
  Also, I noticed in a post that you are suggesting staying away from red meat. I have had bypass, and need to reduce cholestrol.  My dietary recommendations included red meat, but very lean, lean cuts, like round steak,flank,etc. What's your opionion on any red meat in general.
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Dear Bob,
Given the premise that cholesterol is one of the MAIN causes of coronary artery disease, and that this is not only an accepted idea, but also that it has been proven in a large scale study that lowering cholesterol with "statins"(zocor, lipitor for example)reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and death, I will say the following about diet.
There are many opinions even here at the Cleveland Clinic, where in the prevention clinic, a "fleshless diet" is recommended to cardiac patients, which pretty much means avoid eating anything with a head on it.
It is generally believed that not all patients can or will follow such a diet, and so many physicians and dieticians ask that you cut down as low as possible on the portions, frequency, and fat content in general.
Once a diet is tried (by the way butter and eggs are two of the higher cholesterol containing products out there)
that is well balanced and the patient believes s/he can maintain long term, if the cholesterol is still elevated then it is time to be put on cholesterol lowering drug.  If however a patient already has heart disease, the cholesterol lowering
drug is indicated in conjunction with diet.  Ask your physician for a dietary consult so that a dietician can go over all foods with you, their fat content, fiber and glucose content, as well as recommend the best combination for you.
Good Luck.
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