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Coumadin and Royal Jelly
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Coumadin and Royal Jelly

  My Uncle has recently undergone a triple bypass.  He is on
  Coumadin.  He has taken royal jelly in the past and wonders
  if there are any problems with taking it in conjunction with
  Thanks for the Reply
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Dear Danny,
There are so many medications and even some food ingredients that can alter the way coumadin is processed by a patient's liver.
As well I have no idea what "royal jelly" is nor what its ingredients are.
Regardless, any patient on coumadin should be followed regularly for protime measurements (measure of clotting ability), as well
as be questioned about any changes in diet should his protime come back as significantly different than in the past.
If there is no coumadin clinic for your uncle to call and ask, then he should call his physician and go for his routine protime check ups.
Information provided in the heart forum is intended for general medical informational purposes only, actual diagnosis and treatment can only
be made by your uncle's physician(s). Feel free to write back with any further questions or even just a better explanation of the contents of royal jelly, but you must know that it would be best that
your uncle be taught not only dietary effects on coumadin but also signs to watch out for that would signify that he needed a protime check sooner rather than later-and of course this is the job of his physicians and is certainly
beyond the scope of this forum.

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