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DNA therapy for heart disease
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DNA therapy for heart disease

  Inquiring for a friend about DNA injections for heart disease.  Doctors will
  not operate, because he has too much scar tissue, arteries too small to
  Options:  TMR w. laser to relieve angina but not produce more-oxygenated
  blood.  Will still "huff and puff".
  He is wondering how and where to get the DNA injections, which he
  understands grows new arteries.  He asked me to look on the internet.  He
  has heard it is experimental but has been very successful.
  Please reply by Email to me  if you would be so kind, or contact him
  directly.  His name is:  Phil Harper, Phone #: 208-465-6504; ADDRESS;
  119 N. Gem St., Nampa, Idaho, 83651.  He can also be reached at his daughter's Email address:
  Thank you very much.
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Dear Lehrene
The DNA therapy for heart disease is still experimental. The initial results of the first trial have not been very promising. The DNA injections appear to be much more useful in treating blocked leg arteries. PMR (lasers by catheter) is also experimental; it does seem to work for some patients, although we still need more data before it becomes a standard procedure. We are continuing to enroll patients in our trial of the laser therapy.
I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back.
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