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Diastolic Dysfunction
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Diastolic Dysfunction

hello Doctor,
My Mother is now 47 yrs old & she is diabetic patient as well from last 5 to 6 yrs.
From few days she has pain in the chest/ heart & she also has left hand pain & numbness from few days. And we consulted our family doctor who is also an Heart specialist. he found some minor issues in the ECG report & recommended to go for ECHO CARDIOGRAPHY.
ECHO CARDIOGRAPHY is as follows,
- Normal Valves and chambers,
- No regional wall motion abnormality,
- Grade1 LV Diastolic dysfunction
- Normal LV systolic function EF-75%
- No pericardial effusion
- No clots/ Vegetations

My Mother sugar & BP level is normal (BP 120/80).

as per the doctor, he said everything is normal but little worried on the diastolic dysfunction. hence is recommended to go for TMT diagnosis this weekend.
for my understanding I browsed thru the website & found tht diastolic dysfunction can also lead to HEART FAILURE in few cases.
kindly help to understand more about this dysfunctionality & remedy to this.

Looking forward for your great help.

Thank you in advance,
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Q: " diastolic dysfunction can also lead to HEART FAILURE in few cases.
kindly help to understand more about this dysfunctionality & remedy to this.

>>>>Disatolic dysfunction is a medical term that indicates the heart is not filling adequately during the diastole phase of the heart cycle....systole is the pumping phase and diastolic is the filling phase.

The underlying cause is usually an enlargement of the left ventricle (filling and pumping chamber), and the filling process is compromised by the heart walls not relaxing because the walls are stiff and also the enlarged walls reduces the space available.

Often the DD condition is caused by high blood pressure and the remedy would be blood pressure management. According to your posted report there doesn't appeart to be any serious heart problem, and there should be no heart related symptoms.

For some insight on how DD can cause heart failure, the reduced filling causes less blood to the lungs and then less blood from the lungs to the left ventricle to be pumped into circulation.  This reduction in the heart's output will eventually if not corrected cause heart failure (heart's output of oxygenated blood does not meet the demand of the body system.  The consequences would be an enlarged left ventricle and left atrium that could lead to cardiac arrest with arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and ejection fraction decline to exacerbate heart failure.

Thanks for sharing, and if you have any further questions or comments, you are welcome to respond. Take care.  
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