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ER trip for palpitations
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ER trip for palpitations

I went to ER this weekend w/episode of palpitations...The EKG came back as "sinus tachycardia, otherwise normal"....Chest X ray was normal as well...I was surprised at all the things they were able to check on the blood sample...I got a copy of the ER report from my MD, as everything was online and his office was able to print it out?...

1. My fasting glucose levels over the years have been between 75-85, my reading Sun (which was NON-fasting) was 140...Will glucose be elevated generally if there hasn't been fasting?...

2. What do some of these other numbers/readings mean, they are from the ER report:

Serum Protein EPP - 7.3
ESR - 8
Ventricular rate - 118
Atrial Rate - 118
P-R Interval - 158
QRS Duration - 96
QT - 302
QTc - 423
P Axis - 76
R Axis - 82
T Axis - 57

Respiratory Rate - 24
O2 Saturation - 98
Pain Score - 0
Sedation Score - 0

Chest X ray said - Portable AP upright chest radiograph demonstrates cardiomediastinal silhouette within normal limits..The lungs are clear....No pleural effusion or pneumothorax...Pulmonary vasculature is preserved....Osseous structures of the thorax are intact...

Impression - NO acute cardiooulmonary disease

Thank you for running such an excellent forum on heart disease!...
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Actually, upon further review, two of those numbers are incorrect, as they are NOT from my report, but someone elses...

The Serum Protein # is not mine, and neither is the ESR #...
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1. Non-fasting serum glucose will be elevated and 140 is definitely normal within a couple hours of a meal.  To really get a good handle on how well you tolerate glucose, you should have a fasting test performed although I don't think this is necessary in your case.
2.  Serum protein is the amount of protein in the blood.  It really has no application in your case and I wouldn't put any weight on it.
ESR is a measurement of the sedimentation rate of proteins and may represent infection or inflammation.  
The next few numbers are from your ECG and they are all normal except of course for the ventricular and atrial rate of 118, meaning you most likley had sinus tachycardia at the time of the test.
Chest xray seems normal.

Repiratory rate of 24 is slightly elevated but probably related to the sinus tachycardia and the saturation is normal

All this is saying is that you had some sinus tachcycardia which usually isn't the cause of any problem, rather an epiphenomenon of other processes such as pain, anxiety, panic attacks or other causes.  It is very nonspecific and without more information doesn't really help figuring out why you felt palpitations.  It is possible that you had another arrhythmia initially which later terminated and due to the anxiety associated with the palpitations you developed sinus tachycardia.  
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