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Fast, then slow, and dizzy!
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Fast, then slow, and dizzy!

I hope you can answer a simple question: Are my symptoms normal for the types of arryhtmias I have? I have atrial tachycardia most of the time, fluctuating 100-140 bpm at rest. This causes me no symptoms, and I'm never aware of the rapid heart rate unless I actually take my pulse. But when my heart suddenly slows down to a "normal" rate I feel a number of things. One is a skipped beat,  a PAC or PVC (I forget which, it showed up on my electrocardiogram) or just a weird flutter, and often I get quite nauseous and very dizzy. I have to lie down. Some days my heart rate is normal (rarely) 70-80, but then I feel dizzy and there's that skipped beat feeling going on and on.
Then, every once in a while my pulse goes down to 60 (like this morning) and I feel out of breath/ lightheaded.
My doctor says maybe I need a 48 hour holter, since its been five years, and this has all gotten much worse.
By the way, I can't exercise at all! If I get my heart rate up then it starts to try and go really low again, and I get dizzy. At rest it will be 120, say, then I'll walk a bit, it will get up to 150, and then start to skip every other beat, and it will go back down to 80. Then I'll nearly pass out! So I take it easy.
I am 24, and in decent health overall. my blood pressure is low/normal, and I am slightly underweight (100 lbs, 5'3").
Anyway, can you explain this stuff to me in layman's terms, so I can understand why I can't walk two blocks without getting lightheaded/dizzy?
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Dear Sara,

Your symptoms sound like you are not tolerating your atrial tachycardia.  MOst of your symptoms are caused by either too fast a rate or too slow a heart rate when the tachy cardia breaks.  I would suggest that you consult the advice of an expert in electrical desturbances of the heart....an electrophysiologist.  

There might be medications or a procedure that may be able to reduce your symptoms.  

I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back.

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