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Getting pain in Left side of heart,on both shoulder blades,right side o...
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Getting pain in Left side of heart,on both shoulder blades,right side of neck

I am a 24 year old guy.I have undergone gallbladder operation one month ago.from the past 15 days i am getting pain in the heart,on both shoulder blades,on right side of the neck,burning sensation in the tummy and light head ache .This pain is not continuos.No body in my family have the heart diseases.I am software engineer,so cant do much physical activity.2 days back i met a cordialogist.he took ECG and said my heart is fine and he gave me treatment for ulcer.

From my childhod days to one year back i used to play lots of games.i was very healthy till that time.but now only i am getting health problems like this.....

Please help me in identifying the problem....

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you still are healthy.  

I would discuss the pain with your surgeon. The gall bladder has innervation with nerves that originate in the same area as the nerves in the shoulder and neck. Alot of times, pain from this area is 'referred' up into the neck and back.  Most likely you are expericing pain related to yoru procedure. i would discuss with your surgeon if this is normal, and how long youmight be expected to experience this sensation.

good luck
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Have you since consulted with the surgeon who did your gallbladder operation? I am not a medical doctor, but was a cholecystectomy  patient myself about 4 years ago. Part of the procedure is to clip off, I believe it is the common bile duct so that bile does not leak into the abdominal cavity. If this is what you had done (gallbladder removed), I would want to be sure that your clip is intact and not allowing any leakage, also that you do not have a post-op infection.

You might also want to post to the gastroenterology forum.
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