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Heart Murmur in a child
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Heart Murmur in a child

My 12 year old daughter went for a physical to play volleyball in school and the nurse practioner examed her and said she had a heart murmur, which she seemed to freak out about cause it was never detected and told us that we need to make an appointment to see a cardiologist. My questions can a heart murmur just develop in a 12 year old or should it have been detected before. She had lymes disease about 4 years ago and was treated with antibotics, is that a factor. Also she drank caffinated beverage before going to the exam and was extremely nervous because she hates goning to the doctors. Also she was about to start her period, could that have played a factor. We are so upset about this can you please offer some help or advice. We are going to the cardio next week. Thanks
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Heart murmurs may occur around the time of puberty.  This is quite common.  Thankfully they are mostly benign and go usually go away or don't worsen once the growth spurt ceases.  Having someone more experienced, such as cardiologist, is very important.  Relatively quite and mostly systolic murmurs are benign.  Diastolic murmurs are almost never normal and should be followed further.
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My son has a murmur he is 4. my older son had a murmur also. with my older one I never knew he had a murmur until 2 years ago when his doctor said it was gone. (he is now 9) the base your murmur on a grade scale. Dr. H never told me what dillan's murmur was. When my youngest was born his wasa grade 6/6 meaning it was very loud. I could put my ear on his chest and hear the "sound" it was weird. almost like a ultrasound they do when your pregnant. a swooshing sound. now after Crhis' heart surgery it is usually a grade 1-2/6, Very very soft you can barely hear it (this is what I was told my Chris' cardiologist and his primary) now they say when you get sick or if you exercise your mur most likely will be louder. I can't tell you how much louder Cree Cree (aka Chris) his goes up to a grade 3-4/6.
I guess what I am trying to say if that maybe her murmur is very very soft and they couldn't hear it. I am not sure if you can develope them at any age. I know it is easier said then done but try not to worry. I hope all goes well.

here is something that I googled that might help you.
What causes heart murmurs?

Innocent heart murmurs

Innocent murmurs are heard when blood moves noisily through a normal heart. Sometimes these murmurs occur when:

    * Blood is flowing faster than usual through the heart and blood vessels attached to the heart.
    * An increased amount of blood is flowing through the heart.

Illnesses or conditions that can cause blood to flow faster than usual through the heart include:

    * Fever
    * Anemia
    * Too much thyroid hormone in the body (hyperthyroidism)

Many, if not most, children will have a heart murmur heard by their doctor at some time in their lives. After childhood, the most common cause of an increased amount of blood flowing through the heart is pregnancy. Most murmurs found in pregnant women are innocent. They are due to the extra blood that women's bodies make while they are pregnant.

Innocent murmurs are sometimes due to changes to the heart resulting from heart surgery or from aging.

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I had a heart murmur as a child and every year I went for a sports physical, the doc said, "Do you know you have a heart murmur." They always said it was nothing to worry about. However, it turned out to be very serious as I have now been diagnosed with HOCM or Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardio-Myopathy (enlarged heart) and I should not have been playing sports. Had I been directed to see a cardiologist, he would have diagnosed it sooner. I sincerely hope that your child is fine, but do have her looked at by a cardiologist. Many athletes collapse while playing sports with this condition as they do not know they have it. Good luck!

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