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Heart Patient Diet

  I was given a photocopy of a special diet that states it's origin is the Cleveland Clinic.  It claims a loss of 60 pounds in 2-1/2 months specially designed for heart patients needing to lose weight fast for by-pass surgery.  Loosely paraphrased, the diet is thus:
  BREAKFAST: grapefruit, eggs, bacon
  LUNCH: grapefruit, salad, meat
  DINNER: grapefruit, meat, vegetable or salad
  Plus a list of 8 instructions.
  1) Is the diet authentic?
  2) If so, is there a vegetarian alternative?
  I am a lacto-ovo-pesco vegetarian.  I am a male, 29 year old, wheelchair user, and get little real exercise.  I weigh probably about 210 lbs, and the diet appealed to me because of the fact that heart patients can't exert their heart much - the diet lacks recommendation for exercise while offering the expectation of losing 3/4 lb. per day.  I need to lose weight badly to make transfers and general life activities easier.  I would consider including meat in my diet again (6 year moral-reason vegetarian) if this diet is authentic.  If all is accurate and genuine, would it be adviseable for me to begin this diet?  And finally, assuming there is no vegetarian alternative, and I do choose to include meat in my diet, is there a good way to re-introduce my body to meat?
  P.S.- If there is anyone out there who is or has been on this diet, please e-mail me and let me know how it worked for you.
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Dear John,
This diet seems too good to be true.  In fact, I'm quite certain that anyone who ate three portions of meat a day (not to mention the eggs and bacon)  would likely gain several pounds over a period of time, and not lose the 60lbs as promised.
As with all sensible nutritional recommendations, it important to limit overall caloric intake, increase aerobic exercise levels, and specifically avoid foods high in fat, cholesterol, and saturated fats.  Basically, if it's fried,  covered in any cream/mayo/cheese sauce, or contains red meat-you shouldn't eat it.  Another consideration is to make smaller portions of everything you put on your plate, and stop all high-calorie/high fat snacks or deserts (change snacks and deserts to fresh fruits without toppings/sauces/creams).  I applaud your vegetarian diet, and bet it's contributed to a lower cholesterol level.  This diet (as you've described it) is a sham.
Best of luck.  Information in the Heart Forum is for general purposes.  Specific diagnoses and therapies can only be provided by your physician.  

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