Heart Rate - Normal, Abnormal and Dangerous ?
by josemanuelcruz, Jun 09, 2002
I have some questions about heart rate. I know that normal heart rate is 60-100 and above it
by CCF-M.D.-RCJ, Jun 09, 2002
Anxiety is a common reason for people to experience an elevated heart rate, and the range of 120s is certainly not out of the norm.

I someone experienced a resting tachycardia WITHOUT stress, anxiety, emotional upset, etc to greater from 110-120, a call to your local doctor for an appointment would be indicated.  Heart rates greater than 120-130 should prompt earlier examination, but an ER visit for a 37 yo healthy man would be indicated only is symptoms such as lightheadedness, shortness of breath, chest pain, etc were present.

Reversible heart dysfunction from elevated heart rates usually takes several weeks to develop, but each person is different. Irreversible heart damage would obviously take longer.

The decision to swim and snorkel should be discussed with your doctor. The inability to examine you thru the internet makes any recommendation suspect ...

Hope that helps.
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by itsa4847, Jun 12, 2002
well i have really going thru it with this heart stuff, mine has all started over a year ago with the pvc, pac mild tarchardia and then progressively got to the point where i saw a cardiologist.  they put me on toperal and that seemed to help for a little while.  then in jan i had an eposide of angina (which i didn't ever have) ended up in the hospital having the cath done and found out i have cornorary artery spasms and three small blockages.  so now iam on cardizm for that.  then all the sudden i start getting eposides where iam doing completly nothing and my heart which normally rests at 60 jumps up to 112 with pvc, pac, every 12 to 15 sec.  and a little chest pain.  Well they have change meds so.......many times i finally went back to my regular dr. today and now iam going to an elec. heart dr.  my reg. dr. said this is not normal and thinks i should have the mapping done.  Ok here is my question for anyone out there that has this elec. problem  what is mapping, i understand what they do to fix it by zapping the extra current but how do they find it if this does not happen every day or only happens in the evenings or whenever it wants?  any help would be great.
i know that 112 is not alot when it comes to tarcardia but when your use to 60's it really bothers me.  and the pains i get i don't know if there form the angina (which i have nitro for) or if there from the tarcardia.  
lynn pas iam 42 almost 43 female otherwise healthy don't smoke drink occasionally like a beer after work, or a rum and coke at a party. reasonably stress less life style.
by sandy5595, Jul 09, 2002
i have read a few comments about tachycardia and have had problems with this myself . after being in 3 different hospitals with a HEART RATE OF 192 they finally did a thyroid test and found out i had an over active thyroid .at the time i was 23 years old and no one knew what was wrong. i just thought i'd share this with you and maybe it could help someone one day. It's a simple blood test that is over look so much. please if your having rapid heart beats request a thyroid test. it may save you life. alot of people have under active but over active is more rare.
             best wishes sandy
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