How dangerous is blood pressure 140/100?
by Dorene222, Jan 21, 2010
Is my blood pressure too high? What can I do to bring it down?
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by sukumar794, Jan 22, 2010
BP readings above 120/80 is normally considered borderline hypertensive. In any case you should try to maintain your BP at level 120/80 . With life style modifications including less salt intake and proper exercise schedule and with medications BP could cleverly be maintained within the safer limits.
by Rachelmek, Jan 25, 2010
I suffer from what is called Polycystic Kidney Disease (google it) which causes chronic kidney stones. Many people have this disease with no signs until they are much older. When their kidneys begin to fail them. The main symptom is high blood pressure beginning as a young adult. why? Because your kidneys are working too hard fighting off the cysts and they are not filtering correctly. I was diagnosed with PKD in July last year after a car accident. I just happened to decide to see a friend who happened to also be a urologist as I did not have medical insurance and knew he would let me pay it out.  He ran a series of tests and came to find I had chronic kidney stones. A total of 6. Just in there. Probably been there for years. If you have high blood pressure on top of chronic stones I highly recommend you get tested. A CT scan is the best way to get diagnosed and make sure you see a Urologist who. If you would like to here more about my story I will happily tell you. Before you get tested you need to know this is a fatal disease and this will affect your ability to get life insurance and affordable health care if you do not have it prior.
by Yvette BG, Jan 27, 2010
A couple of suggestions--Cut down on caffeine; too much sometimes raises blood pressure. Eat more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and less fried foods, fatty foods, junk-type snack foods, and rich desserts. Try to have some low fat or fat-free yogurt every day; the natural calcium is good for the blood pressure. If you are overweight, work on slowly losing 10-15 pounds by cutting out second helpings, etc. Often a loss of 10-15 pounds can really help the blood pressure.

Oh, also--avoid cigarettes, pot and other street drugs. Limit or eliminate alcohol if you drink. And try to relax and control stress--easier said than done, but it can help the blood pressure. Good luck!  
by sueb13, May 05, 2011
My blood pressure normally runs 100/60.  Last week I was feeling very bad with a severe headache, pain in left side of my neck ,back and shoulder. My daugher in law checked my BP and it was 140/100 at two readings midday.I am female, 51, 125 lbs, 5'2". I have migrianes regularly and beef up my calcium to 2000 mg daily. This went on for three days. I got out of bed to drink and use the bathroom. Since then I drool, my fingers on my left hand seem numb and some on my left foot and leg. I see my MD on Monday it it to late to tell him about this or can he tell me if there was something seriously wrong?
by is_something_wrong, May 06, 2011
Hi, feel free to start a new post when you have questions, they often get more attention :)

Pain will increase the blood pressure and that's completely normal. A friend of mine got severe back pain a year ago (that was severe, he almost couldn't figure out how he could survive from one minute to the next, and nothing helped towards the pain), and his BP elevated to 210/120. His blood pressure is usually normal.

A BP of 140/100 is mildly elevated and will not cause symptoms like yours. I'm pretty sure the elevated blood pressure is an effect of the pain, not a cause. You could ask your doctor on monday, but don't worry about this as long as your normal blood pressure is 100/60.