How many pvc's are normal?
by finetilthree, Dec 14, 2006
I have heard that EVERYONE has pvc's and pac's.  Is this true?  I have at least 10 every day.  Is it dangerous to have that many?  Do I have more risk of it turning into an arrhythmia that my heart won't get out of?  How can I tell if I am having a pvc or a pac?  My holter showed 13 pac's and 2 pvc's but I always feel the pause and then a hard thump.  Why do they happen more when I run up the stairs or bend over too quickly or am carrying a heavy load?
Worried sick.
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by anacyde, Dec 14, 2006
My cardiologist said about 50 are "normal", but this DOES NOT mean that 51 is "abnormal" and it certainly doesn't mean they're dangerous.  I know someone who was having 5,000 PVCs a day and not being treated because they were just simple PVCs.  "Normal" just implies common in this case.
by Carrie41, Dec 14, 2006
Hi there.  That is what I experience.  I am 45 years old and have at least 10 a day.  I have been for every test imaginable and they have caught non-sustained v-tach on my montior and that is what scared the absolute *(&(*& out of me.  I have been totally obsessed with my heart.  They have caught PVC's and PAC's and nobody seems concerned about them.  I get between two and ten a day and freak out at every one of them.  I know exactly how you feel.
by Momto3, Dec 14, 2006
Prior to my ablations (for a different reason), I was having thousands a day, still "normal."  I'm not sure how many I have now, but they make themselves known now and again.

My sister had 400 pvcs records, normal....

The important thing is that in the setting of a structually normal heart, pvcs are considered harmless.

Happy Holidays!
by halpme, Dec 14, 2006
well, did a holter on an average day for me.  750.

They drive me nuts, I get other odd pains.  That said, my heart is structurally normal, and I've had every test short of a cath (including a 64 slice ct).  34 years old.  They say they are normal, so I try every day to deal with them.  I went two weeks recently with very limited pvc's.. then they come back.
by pbanders, Dec 14, 2006
The majority of people have PVC's and never notice them. People who have frequent PVC's get used to what they feel like, and as a result of learning how they feel, notice every single PVC they have, even when their PVC rate drops to "normal" levels.
by LadyNRA, Dec 15, 2006
Mine are probably averaging around 3,000 a day, if I go by 3-4 per minute, for about 16 hours a day, plus the few I have when I sleep.  And yeah, they are annoying.  I feel them when I get frustrated also, and that's a pain because my job is production oriented (they count everything you do all day long).  Plus my BP had been very high.  I had originally blamed it on an increase in my lisopril (from 20 mg to 40 mg).  I was already taking 200 mg of Toprol and had not had any PVCs until just recently.  But my cardiologist didn't like the high BP so agreed to lower my lisinopril back to 20 mg. and added Norvasc.  I had hoped (FERVENTLY) that the PVCs would get much less or disappear but no such luck. So far my BP has gone way down to near normal (at least for now) and I have to see if the trend continues, so the norvasc, in combination with the other stuff, is working.  But still get the durned PVCs.  If it's stress related, it's not due to something obvious, or I wouldn't have them over the weekend, but I do.  

But one of the things the cardiologist did tell me is that my tests show a normal heart (I had the heart attack blood work and echo + x-ray in the ER).  So did my regular doc and the ER docs/cardiologists.  No one is worried, even now that they known how often I get them.  They were so much more concerned about my blood pressure issues.  As far as the PVCs are concerned, no one has mentioned drugs for it, or concern for it. What they did tell me was to do the prudent thing for a 51 year old, overweight woman, and that is to go the ER if I should ever get any symptoms of a heart attack in the future, which, as we know, can happen to anyone at any age, without connection to the benign PVC/PAC issues.

However, like you, I feel concern about one issue...is is possible to have the heart retrain itself so that I'll never have a 'normal' beat again.
by Gabby46, Dec 15, 2006
My EP told me that if you are having less than 20,000 a day and have a structually normal heart the doctors don't worry about it.  He said if you are having over 20,000 per day the PVC's could lead to heart weakness.  I am currently having over 25,000 per day.  I had an ablation, since I cannot take the medications for this, and it did not work.  I am scheduled with a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic next week to see if there is anything else they can do.  Because I am having so many I experience shortness of breath and dizzyness almost constantly.
by finetilthree, Dec 15, 2006
I wonder since I only have around 10 or less everyday, why do I feel like I am going to die very young?
by sherma, Dec 15, 2006
Since my last posting about being very scared about having 50 or so pvc's they are now averaging 3 or 4 per min so that is running into the thousands too - same as "lady".  Having just 10 a day would be such a relief for me.  Please try not to worry even though it is so hard - at the moment I am at my wits end, cant sleep at night with them either.