IPV Dye that is used for heart catheterization
by Leslie, Oct 14, 1999
My mother recently had a balloon angioplasty done along with a stent.  The IPV dye that was used caused anaphalaxis shock.  She was not asked prior to the procedure if she was allergic to shellfish. (which she is).  I have heard different opinions as to whether this was the cause of her severe allergic reaction.  Please let me know.  And,please let me know the success rate of stents.  She only had one blockage, and her heart has no damage.  I know they are relatively new, but any statistics you have would be helpful.  Thank you.
by Cleveland Clinic, MDBlank, Oct 14, 1999
No, the shellfish allergy is not the cause although there is a higher rate of dye allergy among people with a shellfish allergy.  Regardless she needs to be sure to let her health care providers know in the future that she had this reaction.  Be sure she uses the word "anaphalaxis"- that will get their attention.  Stents have about a 70-80% success rate.
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