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Implanted Defibrillator (PCD)
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Implanted Defibrillator (PCD)

Posted By  CCF Cardio MD on July 31, 1997 at 14:09:56:

In Reply to: Implanted Defibrillator (PCD) posted by William on July 29, 1997 at 12:20:54:

: In December of 1993, I had a heart attack, which destroyed approximately 50% of my heart (ejection fraction = approx. 25%).  5 months after the heart attack, I developed ventricular tachycardia, which required that I have a defibrillator surgically implanted.  Since that time, I have had 68 episodes of being "paced" and 0 episodes of VT.  My question is, when the time comes to have the device "changed", would it be advisable to get only a pacemaker, rather than a PCD, which is uncomfortable and cumbersome?
  Thank you for this wonderful forum!
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    Your ICD was implanted because your doctors felt that your risk of
suffering an episode of sudden death  is quite high.  Recently, the MADIT
trial which compared the survival rates in patients with ischemic
cardiomyopathy and reduced ejection fraction who had ICDs implanted survived for longer
for a longer periods of time.  Therefore, given the available scientific
evidence, it would probably be prudent to continue with the ICD.  I would
encourage you to discuss your concerns with your cardiologist or if you
desire seek an appointment with one of our cardiologist who specializes
in the treatment of heart rhythm abnormalities.

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