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Intermittent Chest Pain

Thank you for your assitance/comments.

I am a 33 year old female in generallly good health. I am 5'6, 129 pounds and am failry active (Work out 1 time a week where my heart rate is elevated, and walk outside on a daily basis).  I do not smoke and eat a vegetarian diet.  My mother died of breast cancer at 46 and my dad has a history of CAD. (Didn't have his first incident until 58)

For the last several years, I have experienced chest pain that comes and goes.  There does not seem to be a precipitating factor.  I have seen multiple doctors, including a spine specialist, my GP, a cardiologist and sought the help of physical therapist, massage therapist and chiropractor. I have had a number of tests including blood tests, chest xrays, numerous EKGs, and two stress echocardiograms (Done at major teaching hospitals). All of which have been normal.

My sternum is tender upon touching but it does not always reproduce the exact same pain.  When I lay down at night,  it feels like my breathing in shallow.

While I do not generally have anxiety, this is extremely anxiety provoking and probably exacerabates the symptoms. I have tried taking Lexapro for it (didn't work  for chest pain and I had terrible side effects).

Do all these tests

My question is, considering my general health status and the numerous tests complete, does this rule out heart conditions?

Thank you for your help.
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I am sorry to hear you're having such trouble.  I'm sure this is distressing for you.  It does not sound as if you have coronary disease, though to say you definitely don't have a heart condition may be a bit premature.  There are several possibilities given your symptoms:

-Heartburn (try some antacids)
-Costochondritis, or inflammation of chest wall (can improve with ibuprofen)
-Pericarditis, or inflammation of your heart lining (can also improve with ibuprofen)
-Pulmonary embolus
-Pulmonary hypertension

There are a number of other possibilities as well.  Coronary artery disease is still possible but with your age, healthy habits, and symptoms it doesn't sound like it.  Cardiac catheterization is the definitive test to rule out coronary disease, but it is invasive and it doesn't sound like you need one.  Consider trying some other treatments for your anxiety if your doctors feel that a more medical problem is unlikely.  Also, if you're not happy with your physicians you can try someone new for a fresh set of eyes.  

Hope this helps, best of luck.  
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