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Hi, so Im not new to the game of heart troubles.
Mine starting during a boating accident on July 4th, 2001. I was on my waverunner and was ran over from the side by a ski boat (drunk preacher driving). My left side was all affected from my feet to my skull, including 17 broken ribs. I was unconsious (thankfully)but recall being put into the Cardiac ICU ward at the hospital due to my heart racing at over 280bpm. This was the first episode I had ever had, and from that day it has gradually taken over my life. A few times a year to a few times a month to a few times a week and now a few times a day.
My second Cardiologist / Electrophysiologist was one of my saviors and was determined to find out why this was happening, and didnt stop until he did. I went through every test under the sun; Ultrasound, Cardiac MRI, Bubble Test (which showed a hole), TEE, EKG (100's), 24 & 48 hour monitors, ect. The first Cardiac MRI didnt show the hole in my Atrial Valve, it was the TEE down the throat that finally discovered it due to it being on the back side of my heart. I used medications (cardizem, motoprol, altenolol, ect)  for a few years but my body would stop responding to it and it just got worse. So its decided that an ablation is necessary to correct the problem, I blindly agree thinking that I know enough and I trust my doctor and having my life back to normal is worth the 5k deductible from my insurance.
So I go in Jan 2012 and have the ablation done, being awake throughout the procedure is just cruel and unusual punishment! The pain of the novacain, the catheter, and the burning was so attrocious I wanted to scream and jump off the table. Then the words I wanted to hear " We got it" !!! I forgot all about the agony and was so excited thinking about being able to physically exaust myself at the gym and not pass out in Spin Class again (crazy).  
The next day after ablation I felt it- oh no, it couldnt be!!! My heart skipping beats? Called the Dr. and they said its normal, hmmm. The next day more thumping, skipping, racing - Dr says its normal, again hmm. By the third day here is the big episode, and it is clear that the ablation was a "failure". I made it to the Dr office for them to get me on the EKG, and low and behold its a new rythm they havent caught before. But i explain to them, this is the one that has been happening, the one that makes me go "white blind" while im driving, the one that makes me feel like i am seconds from passing out. They say " its not the rythm we burnt ". UGH!!! So what does this mean? I spent 5k for nothing? to still have the same problems, same exhaustion, no energy filled days that ive lived with! Not Fair!!

So now it is a year later and I have another EP, this one at Duke Hospital in Durham, NC. And my first impression of Dr. Piccini was refreshingly really good. I learned about my particular condition from him, and wasnt sure why my own Dr. had not felt the need to share it with me. I learned that the accident most likely caused contusions on my heart which instantly created other circuits. I was always told that it was from blood shunting back and forth I was told that the problem is on my left side of my heart which is more complicated, and creates more chance of complications. The hole in my heart may be a benefit for them to use to cross over from the right to the left?

I was reading through some of the blogs on this site and read about the complications some patients have had, and I am more terrified to have it done again.

Has anyone had success with this procedure where it fixed the tachycardia? Anyone lives get better by having the ablation done?

I am personally tired of being tired, no energy, whether from the medicine or low on oxygen, or my heart running a marathon while im asleep. But why go through all of it, just to come out with the same problems??

Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. The basis of therapy for abnormal rhythms is treating the underlying heart disease, restoring the rhythm, maintaining the rhythm and anticoagulation to prevent complication. For restoring the rhythm medications like Flecanide are used. Without rhythm control, the main complication is increased ventricular rate. Also, exercise tolerance is better with rhythm control. So, based on your present clinical symptoms and cardiac status, therapy can be planned. This can range from cardioversion, ablation or implantable defibrillators. So, please don't worry and discuss the possibilities with your consulting doctor.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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