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Mother's Heart Attack
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Mother's Heart Attack

  My mother had a massive heart attack six months ago at the age of 45.  All I really know is that the main artery to her heart was completely clogged which caused 20% heart damage.  She had a balloon angioplasty and a stent put in to open the artery back up.  They weren't sure, however, if she would make it.  She always has been fairly petite but a smoker and under an extreme amount of stress.
  Luckily she survived, it is now six months later and I am very confused about what to think about her condition (I am the only one here for her so I feel it is important for me to be informed).  She is very young and active (quit smoking) but still under a lot of stress at work, and while she appears happy and energetic, I know she is tired all the time.  The doctor gave her a "clean bill of health" in August but I still worry.  She is on a number of medications, coumadin being one of them.  She also has always had low blood pressue.
  I would like to know what I need to watch for (for example, she hit her shin really hard on a desk this morning and it is now swollen and bruised and I lay here worrying if it could clot overnight). What questions should I be asking, when do I need to worry, will I every be able to relax under the assumption that she is at least OK "for now," etc.  I realize there are no guarantees, but is there any way to approximate how close to, or far away she is from the "danger zone?"
  I would really appreciate any advice you could provide since I am really in the dark here and the worrying is controlling my life.  Thanks so much.
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Dear Kern,
So long as your mother goes to cardiologist for regular check-ups and continues
to not smoke, there is really nothing else for you to do.  Worrying is a waste of
your time,you should expend that energy on yourself (you have a family history of heart
disease and this puts you at risk, so get your own cholesterol checked, eat right and
exercise everyday.)
Inbetween your mother's visits to her physicians you should be alerted only by the
development of new symptoms or the worsening of others ( for instance, worsening fatigue-all
patients have some degree of fatigue following an MI, shortness of breath, pale or grayish-blue
color to the skin.)  Any chest pain or shortness of breath on exertion should be evaluted asap and
your mother should be in some kind of rehabilitation program if she is not already on a regualr exercise
program now.
I hope this has been helpful.
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