Normal Systolic and High Diastolic
by bl00dpressure, Aug 02, 2011
I am a male aged 38 years and weigh 153 pounds (69.5 kilos).  I don't drink or smoke.   When I checked my blood pressure it was showing 138/105.    I know the optimal range should be somewhere around 120/80.      I have no idea why my diastolic touched 105.

Then I realized that I should restart doing some exercises.   When I started doing the exercise and reduced taking salt in my food, now my blood pressure is showing a reading of 116/90 after one week.   Is this normal, or should I still need to bring this reading further down?    Or should I take any medication for this?

What are the reasons for high diastolic and normal systolic readings?    I used to sleep in the afternoons regularly.   Since after last week's readings, now I have stopped sleeping in the afternoons.  

I'm also a person who is in depression and anxiety for some other health issue I have, and constantly worried about future.    Please tell me whether anxiety causes elevated diastolic pressure?
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by kenkeith, Aug 02, 2011
If either parameter is high, it is considered high blood pressure and should be monitored and if necessary treated and if the diastolic is elevated higher than 90 it is termed isolated diastolic hypertension.  There are variations, but if the diastolic pressure is consistently high then there may be a problem.

If it is a problem it can be related to poor diet (restrict your sodium intake), eat a well balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fats/cholesterol. Also exercise regularly - 1 hour 5 times weekly. Limit your caffeine intake. Also keep in mind that the blood pressure can fluctuate - so monitor it about the same time every day.  

You shouldn't be overly concerned regarding the higher than normal diastolic pressure...it is much easier treated than high systolic pressure if a problem!  Thanks for sharing and if you have any further quesitons or comments you are welcome to respond.