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PFO right to left shunt--need correction?

I was diagnosed with a PFO /prodominant right-to-left shunting, along iwth mild concentric left ventricular hypertrophy, mild pulmonic regurgitation and left atrium mildly dilated during a recent Echo.

I have shortness of breath upon exertion, chest tightness upon exertion (not all the time), fatigue, and sometimes I am awoken in the middle of the night with weird episodes, like if my body is stopping--or dying--and my then my heart starts to flutter,race and I awake.

My Echo measurements:
IVSd 1.1cm
IVSs 1.2cm
LVIDd 4.8 cm
LVIDs 2.9cm

Chambers 2d/mm
Ao root diam 2.9
LA diam 4.2cm

Diastolic symstolic funciton doppler
E/a 1.1 ration
Sep E to E prime ration 10ration
TRPk Vel 2.6m/sec
RVSP 37 mmHg

I am 53 years old, female that recent EKG's show leftward axis, nonspecific inferior t abnormalities, possible anteroseptal infarct and an old septal infarct.

Do you have any recommendations for me and can you help me figure out if these things are normal and not to worry to pursue further evaluation for ????

Thank you.
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