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PVCs/SVT/NSVT?! Major worries
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PVCs/SVT/NSVT?! Major worries

Major PVC/SVT/NSVT worries!!
Today at 8:22am      Hi guys, I'm so worried about my heart at the moment.
Every day since mid-January I've been having skipped beats. My doctor told me it was anxiety & not to worry. She did an EKG & caught 2 pvcs on it but told me that it was just a symptom of anxiety. But I'm having these skips hundreds and hundreds of times every single day!

The problem is I seem to have 3 distinct "types" of palpitation

The first goes like - lub dub lub dub lub...DUB (which I assume is a PVC?)

The second goes like - lub dub lub dub lu-lub dub

And the third is the scariest which I'm really worried could be NSVT?! - lub dub lub dub lublublublublub This type only happens about once a month & only lasts 5 secs or so & a deep breath can stop it, but I'm so terrified that this could be really dangerous.

Could this all just be simple pvcs or should i see a cardiologist?
I saw a cardiologist about 9 years ago & had holters, echo & a stress test & was diagnosed with rarely occurring SVT, and I was recommended an EP study but was too scared to go ahead with it. But the symptoms haven't really bothered me at all over the last 9 years until now!

I'm 26, female, 160lbs & exercise regularly.

Please help!!  I'm so worried
Dear PeachyKeenBea,

I understand your concerns and am sorry to hear that your premature ventricular complexes (PVC's) are causing such anxiety for you. The short answer to your questions is to arrange cardiology review, preferably with the same cardiologist you saw 9 years ago. If repeat review with that cardiologist is not possible then obtaining a copy of your records would be helpful for whoever sees you this time around.

Starting with the positives: you are young and exercise regularly. This is also a great time to invest in a healthy heart lifestyle including low fat meals, low salt, and minimize take-out. Factors that can contribute to PVC's include stress (as identified by your doctor), high caffeine intake, alcohol, and street / recreational drugs.

Given the increased frequency of PVC's it is important to repeat many of your heart tests. A Holter monitor is important for documenting the frequency of PVC's. An echocardiogram will provide information on the hearts strength and function. Blood tests may include electrolytes (including potassium, calcium and magnesium levels), thyroid function tests, and for sexually active women - a pregnancy test.

Warning symptoms that suggest the need for early assessment are palpitations associated with collapse or near-collapse and/or significant chest discomfort.

Keep a diary of your symptoms over 1 week and take that along to the cardiologist. In addition to describing the patterns you should take note of your activity at the time (resting, walking, exercising), the duration of the symptoms (seconds vs minutes vs hours), and the associated symptoms (as above + shortness of breath, nausea, anxiety/stress).

I hope that this information helps.

Take care and good luck.

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