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I recently came off cardizem/diltiazem last month after being on
it for almost 11 months. I just felt it was time to end it. I also
started doing the Sinatra Solution program of C0Q10 and magnesium
(which I was taking before), D-Ribose, and L-Carnitine. My palps
have gotten greater in frequency.but generally lower in intensity if that
makes any sense. I have far fewer days with none or a few.but maybe
I am just getting used to them?

Every time a cardio has seen and interpreted my palps they have said they were PVCs as opposed to PACs. But the only one I ever had while
having an echo was a PAC. And I wonder if by looking at the tape the
docs can really tell. I have had the one episode of A-fib
back last July (2006), but none since.

Exercising almost always takes away my symptoms at least for that
day. I run about 3 miles every other day.

Two nights ago (Thurs), I went to a work related dinner, and I was having pretty
bad palps all afternoon and through dinner, which for me might mean
anywhere from 60 to 100 in an hour. I went back up to my office to
get a few things after the dinner and I sat down and went through
some emails, etc. As I was sitting there for about a 30 minute
period I started getting increased palps, and then 3 or 4 separate runs of
what felt like NSVT? They were 4-5 beat runs where it felt like I
was getting a palp every beat. I have not had these except one time last

Needless to say I was (am) a little freaked out. My palps were off and on Friday and then disappeared after my run last night.

I guess my questions are.

Is it dangerous that I was having these, should I be
concerned (I think I know the answer to this one)?

Any concern that this could turn into something worse?

Thanks all
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I understand how you feel!  Heres what I found on anther website from a dr:  

"In the documented absence of heart disease, spontaneous NSVT does not carry any adverse prognostic significance. "

Yeah - we all know that but it doesn't seem to help.  I hope you are able to derive some peace from knowing it going to be OK.
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Even sustained SVT isn't going to cause you to drop dead.  I've been in SVT for hours before with no real ill effect.  If you're actually having NSVT, no, it's not dangerous.
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SVT (Supraventricular Tach) and NSVT (Non Sustained Ventricular Tach) are 2 completely different rhythm disturbances. I agree that one could stay in SVT for hours, depending on the rate...But if NSVT went in to V-tach, you could not stay in this rhythm for hours:)
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