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Pacemaker lead failure
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Pacemaker lead failure

  five years ago I had a Seimens pacemaker implanted. I have bradycardia. A duel
  chamber demand pacemaker was installed with Oscor leads.  The leads failed
  and burnt out the pacemaker.  2 years ago I had a new Medronic pacemaker
  installed.  I just found out that the lead to the atrium has now failed.
  What this means is I have 4 leads in my heart only one of which works.
  The pacemaker is set at 50 and only was needed 6% of the time over the
  last year. The leads have been screwed in the heart wall.  The pacemaker
  has been inserted under my left pect.  
  The questions I have are:  can I have the wires removed and at what
                             If you do not have informatin where could I
                             get some?
   Thanks in advance for your reply!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Brent,
Q:  can I have the wires removed and at what  risk?
A: Yes these can be removed but in general it is not recommended.   The only reason to remove them would be if they were infected or interfering with placing a new lead.  If you do have them removed be sure to go to a center that specializes in the removal of pacemaker leads.  IT can be very dangerous if done by someone unfamiliar with removal techniques.  Dr. Bruce Wilkoff here is a top authority on lead extraction and I would recommend him if you are interested in a consultation.
I hope you find this information useful.  Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only.  Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies.  Please feel free to write back with additional questions.
If you would like to make an appointment at the Cleveland Clinic Heart Center, please call 1-800-CCF-CARE or inquire online by using the Heart Center website at www.ccf.org/heartcenter.  The Heart Center website contains a directory of the cardiology staff that can be used to select the physician best suited to address your cardiac problem.

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