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Pulse visible on arteries - particularly left ulnar artery?
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Pulse visible on arteries - particularly left ulnar artery?

Could anything besides aortic regurgitation/valve issues cause ulnar pulses to be visible?

I've had some symptoms but no echo yet.

- 35 MWM, BMI 29.7, no health issues
- BP 120s/70s  
- HR low 60s at rest
- Cholesterol up this year.  2005 and before, 160s Tot/~100LDL/~100TG. 12/2006 220TOT/155LDL/195TG.  
- Only family history is dad had stroke/heart attack.  

Past 2 yr symptoms:
- Presynoscope - Occasionally close to fainting, mostly on onset of symptoms
- Chest pains - Most occurred 2 yrs ago.  Docs thought GERD.
- Bradycardia - 2 weeks HR in 40s.  Blood OK with 2-day holter showing 15 PACs.  Docs thought vagal-related
- Premature beats - 4-6 months ago, had multiple day runs of very frequent premature beats.  Docs saw on Holter & thought benign.  Bloodwork OK.
- Head Vibrations - 2-8 months ago my head started vibrating - 1st with pulse then at 6x speed.  BP/HR always "normal".  Brain MRI & bloodwork OK
- Severe abdominal pains - Just a few times, waking me up, and lasting < 1 hour.  Worried it could be aorta issue
- "Feeling" pulse/muscle spasms - 6 months ago - current.  Feel pulse in hands & fingers sometimes when touching items (i.e. phone) or laying down.  BP/HR always normal.
- "Seeing" pulse - I'm not thin yet my stomach often "bounces"

- LH ulnar pulse usually visible (noticed when started having severe spasms on left pinkie).
- Right ulnar started pulsating a cpl days ago.  
- Tonight my neck was pulsing but maybe I just read too much!
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Avatar m tn
aortic regurgitation  and many other valve issues would not make your pulses stronger.

Good luck and good night.
Avatar n tn
I have much the same symptoms as you, My pulse is strong and I can see my pulse in my neck. When I lay my head on my pillow I can hear my pulse and I can feel my pulse all the time. There have been many times I feel as if I am going to faint and I am always lightheaded. I have chest pain everyday.
I have had a battery of tests and the only thing that have been reported is Aortic insufficency, which all doctors I have seem tell me that this condition would not cause these symptoms.
I would recommened you have an echo done I have had two done and this is what they have found, all other tests normal. I would like to know what else would cause these symptoms as well.

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