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Re: Coumadin therapy after valve replacement surgry
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Re: Coumadin therapy after valve replacement surgry

Subject: Coumadin therapy after valve replacement surgry

Forum: The Heart Forum

My Husband is needing aortic valve replacment surgery and is very concerned about taking coumadin afterwards. We have a couple of questions. I have read some information about coumadin already and it has promtped these concerns. 1- How restrictive do you have to be with your activity? Is it mostly contact sports that must avoided? 2- Why can't ASA be used as a blood thinner instead of coumdin? My husband has had nose bleeds from being on ASA and vitamin E at the same time. 3- If he wants to continue to take vitamin E after surgery is it allowed? 4- I noticed that there were other drugs that shouldn't be taken with coumadin. Antacids were on the list. Does that mean he can't take an occasional one for GI upset? 5-What if he needs an anti-inflammatory drug? 6-I had heard that someone was making a machine to monitor your PT a home (sort of like the glucometer). Do you know anything about this? Thank-you for your information.

I will let an MD answer your questions, but my dad has been on Coumadin for 4 years without any problems whatsoever.  In fact, his physician says he's the best patient he's ever had as far as controlling his Pro Time level.  Don't be afraid of the coumadin, just be careful with it.  My dad does anything he wants to, just watches what he eats so he gets no interactions with food.  The physicians on this forum are great, you can listen & believe what they say

Dear Kim:
I underwent mitral valvoplasty 9 years back.  Eversince, I am on 'warfarin'.  My surgeon did not specify
any restriction on diet or outdoor sports etc. except putting on weight beyond 72-73 Kgs.  He also
advised to check my PT levels once in a while and adjust the dosage accordingly.  I am perfectly fine
got married 2 years back and my wife is in the family way.  So best of luck to your husband, he is going
to be fine.

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