Short of breath or out of shape?
by Kellygirl6, Apr 02, 2007
How can you tell the difference between shortnes of breath that might indicate something is wrong, vs. harder breathing after exertion when you are overweight/ out of shape?

When I climb a couple flights of stairs, I breathe heavier for about 1 minute following. Not gasping for air, but I do breathe harder and then I like to take a big deep breath.

Or, if I lift a heavy laundry basket and carry it across the room, I might have the same thing.  

Maybe this is normal, I am not sure.

Interestingly, I do not experience this when working out on the treadmill. (Probably because is is normal to be "breathy" when you are working out).   Nor do I experience this at rest.  

I am about 30 pounds overweight and a former smoker.  Oh yes, I also suffer from anxiety and I take Inderal for blood pressure and anxiety.  

How can you tell what is noraml? Advice appreciated. Thank you!

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by juniorfan32, Apr 02, 2007
You are out of breath from going up stairs!  Happens to me every time.  I am out of shape but it is normal to breathe harder when going from resting to more exerting activities.  Don't worry, we all get out of breath after stairs.  :)
by lilCharlie, Apr 02, 2007
Your outta shape, thats all.  Most people have the same issues as you do.  I will climb up stairs for 1 minute and I have to breathe hard, but it takes me like 5 min on eliptical machine to actually start breathing hard.  Its strange, but true.  As long as your chest dont hurt, feel flutters, or other cardiac junk like that...your fine!

by Duchess47, Apr 05, 2007
My pulmonoligist tested me with this very issue by having me walk very fast up 3 flights of stairs while hje followed me with a pulse oxymeter attached to my finger.  My heart was racing and I was out of breath.  But--my oxygen level was still 100% and he had me sit down, take in 3 deep breaths slowly, and let them out slowly and my heart rate went back to normal very quickly.  Try that the next to feel out of breath.
by Kellygirl6, Apr 05, 2007
Thanks to all of you for posting and your suggestions!   Kelly