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Sleep apnea

A few years ago I was diagnosed with PVCs, which was determined to be nothing of concern by a heart doctor. For a few years now I have also suspected I have sleep apnea. My dad has it and uses a breathing machine. However, I am quite different than he is. I don't fit the typical profile  -  I am 30, in good health, skinny, don't snore, and have low blood pressure.
I am American, but I live in Moscow, Russia now. Although high quality western standard medical facilities are here, I don't bother with them for several reasons.

Ok - now my question. Does this even sound like sleep apnea:
I rarely sleep more than 2-3 consecutive hours, usually right after going to bed. After that I wake up every several minutes (on avg 30 min.) often holding my breath. I also wake myself and my wife up often by making a moaning noise. I find that I almost always have my tongue pressed hard up against the roof of my mouth and there is pressure in my chest from not being able to exhale. Why I don't just use my nose I don't understand? As I start to fall back asleep, but I am still conscious, I catch myself doing the same thing!

From what little I know about sleep apnea this doesn't seem like obstructive apnea and maybe more like central - if it is sleep apnea at all. I know the answer is to have a sleep test, but failing that are there serious risks from taking my standard approach of ignoring it?

If I'm not being too greedy, I have another question. I also have a very minor mitral valve prolapse and always take antibiotics before going to the dentist. I am going for teeth cleaning soon and the dentists here don't seem to believe in this. Should I insist, cancel, or just go with it.

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thanks for the post.

Sleep apnea isnt always related to body habitus, wlthough those that are obese are more likely to have the condition.

What you describe isn't entirely typical, as most do not completely arouse from sleep from the apneic episodes.

The gold standard way to diagnose sleep apnea is with a sleep study. There are some other red flags such as excessive daytime  somnolence, falling asleep during critical times such as driving, fatigue, morning headaches and loud snoring.

If these sound familiar discuss a study with your doctor.  

As far as the valve goes, I cant really make recommendations without knowing exactly what your valve pathology is.  In general, a small  amount of MVP doesnt always warrent antibiotics.

good luck

Don't screw around with sleep apnea. Have a sleep study. I too waited for years to have a sleep study when I suspected that I might have sleep apnea. I am 35 years old, healthy and weigh 150 lbs. Anyone can have sleep apnea. It can cause high blood pressure and right-sided heart failure among other things. Good luck.

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