Slight heart valve leak
by Trisha56, Jun 02, 2010
I was just told by my cardiologist after an echo that my heart is normal, but there was a slight leaky valve which is not a problem and is very common. They said i will just have to have an echo in 5 years to look at it again. I am 29 and am just wondering if anyone has this and how i could of got it. I have symptoms of heart palpatations sometimes but not all the time. My heart beats regular and everything looks fine except this little thing. i have aniexty aswell so not sure which one cause palpatations.
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by kenkeith, Jun 02, 2010
Slight, mild, etc. of valve leakage is not medically significant and almost never progresses nor cause problems. Heart palpations are common and not considered a problem.  Anxiety can cause palpatations. It doesn't appear you have any medical problems of any concern unless the anxiety is severe and uncontrolled.
by Flycaster305, Jun 02, 2010
As Kenkeith advises, rest easy.  I think almost everyone has a bit of heart leakage.  Get it checked as suggested in five years. Think of it like those hand sprinklers you buy to water the flowers, most of them drip a bit, and I think that's like heart valves.   Heart palps can take many forms, but most are benign.  At your age, I'd simply work on things like not smoking, healthy diet and positive lifestyle.  
by ed34, Jun 03, 2010
The mild leak in your valve has probably been there a long time, longer than you realise. It is very likely you had the leak before you had palpitations, so I wouldn't worry about this. If you didn't have the scan, it is likely it would have remained like this for the rest of your natural life without getting any worse. I would therefore put it to the back of your mind and not let it add to your anxiety. Millions of people in the US alone have a leaky valve and are perfectly fine.
by Trisha56, Jun 10, 2010
thanks for all the feed back, it makes me feel better to the know that,
by skydnsr, Jun 10, 2010
I agree with the others.  A five-year follow-up plan seems appropriate to me.  The doctor is not blowing it off, but he is not getting inappropriately aggressive, either.  If you have an increase in symptoms, you can always go back sooner than five years.  Otherwise, I would just forget about it for now.
by heartfluttersflyawayplz, Jun 10, 2010
hi trisha i just had a echo and mine was fine like yours and said i had a trace of a leak to, my cardio dr said dont worry about it its ok and lots have it as we can see. congrats on the great report you got rejoice and be happy your heart is normal.
by D0uglas67, Sep 06, 2013
I just found out today I have a slightly leaky heart valve, and I also have panic attacks, and my heart skips beats. I has thinking maybe we should just start enjoying life instead of worrying over every little thing and that might help matters with you and I both.
by Romona47, Nov 02, 2013
Hi i am writeing because my cardiologist told me i have a leaking heart valve before i went to him i was fine i have diabetes but i got that under control i was eating right i was loseing the weight but every since he told me that i cant sleep or eat makeing me feel like everything in my body is going wrong i am 47 what should i do
by Trisha56, Nov 03, 2013
I don't have a mitral valve leak anymore, when I went for an echo two years after the first one they told me its not there so they must of thought they saw it but after relooking they didn't see it. I wouldn't worry too much about it especially if its mild. If it was real bad they would of done surgery, they are fixable. I was worried too at first but was told I can do normal daily things I do. You will probably have another echo to keep an eye on it if you are not having any symptoms with it you should be fine.