Spasms, fluttering and/or squeezing feeling.
by JustMe_Deb, Feb 27, 2009
What causes heart spasms/tight squeezing feeling and fluttering feeling, just below the breast?

This discussion is related to muscle spasms of the heart.
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by Encephalomalcia, Feb 28, 2009
The fluttering usually means that your heart is beating too fast.  The spasms and tightness under the breast, could be angina.  Fluttering or angina are not serious.  If you have symptoms of angina, rest and the symptoms should go away.  If you start to get severe chest pain especially in the center of your chest, make sure to chew up an aspirin and see a doctor.  
by pinkleeanne, Oct 20, 2009
Hi hun could you explain your symptom as it sounds so much like mine.
Been having them for years its so hard to explain but its like a quick spasm in my heart or like it missus a beat then kicks in again but as it happens it takes my breath away, sometimes it feels like my heart wont go back or gets stuck and i go dizzy its so scarey i am afraid i'll drop dead.
I live in fear every day but have been told its nothing serious and just eptopic beats wgich are common. I also get told its fed by anxiety also???
Lee-Anne x
by majella3, Nov 07, 2009
HI i too get chest pain though its on the left side of my left breast...having echo on tues will echo show any abnormalities including blocked arteries and valve problems
by funnycide, Nov 07, 2009
carvedilol or coreg worked for me -- stopped the irregular beat, brownouts, etc.
by luvbunwah, Jul 17, 2011
Your comment from Nov 7, 2009, what was the out come? This has happened to me twice. Last night I was sound asleep on my left side and the bottom left of my heart felt like it was being squeezed and very painful. I came and went though out the night. The last time it was alot more painful but didn't last as long. I have a Physical next month, 08/2011 and will tell her about this but really need some sort anwser now!!