Tingling in left hand
by Salty Pete, Jun 30, 2001
I have just experienced for the first time a tingling sensation in my left hand. Do I have cause for concern?
I'm male, 55, 190# in good health, active.
by CCF-M.D.-CRC, Jun 30, 2001
Dear salty,
Tingling or parathesia in the extremities can be due to a variety of different causes.  The most common is a transient compression of the nerves leading to the hand or what is commonly known as the hand "falling asleep".  This resolves with a change in position of the extremity although in rare circumstances (eg falling asleep drunk with an arm over the back of the sofa) it may persist.  There are other peripheral nerve diseases that can cause persistent parathesia and these would be diagnosed by a neurologist. Finally, a central nervous system event such as a stroke can cause parathesia and again this would have to be diagnosed by a neurologist.
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by kane, Jul 01, 2001
You may be experiencing carpal tunnel syndrome where the nerves are compressed in your wrist. This results in numbness which when severe can be very painful. It is commonly found in people who use their hands alot like secretaries, computer users, crafters, drummers, etc. I have been having problems with this syndrome for years. It was first apparent after I began playing tennis and reoccurred with each of my subsequent 3 pregnancies [swelling makes it worse]. My worst times were at night when the numbness would be so severe it would wake me up at night and holding a telephone up to my ear for any length of time or reading a book. If this is what you have, there are several things that can be done. There are some medications that can be tried. I have been on a steroid once that was helpful in reducing the inflammation. Also there are splints that are sometimes helpful. I have also had injections into my wrists that provide temporary relief and I had surgery to repair the carpal tunnel area which was very beneficial.
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