Toddler Heart Rate
by anacyde, May 08, 2008
Anyone know if 55-60 bpm is too low for a *toddler* during sleep?
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by momtofourboys, May 08, 2008
how old is the toddler, age does make a difference
my 4 year old heart rate I was told should not go really below 60bpm while asleep
by anacyde, May 10, 2008
28 months.
by kimmie28, May 13, 2008
i would get that checked out mine went below 52bpm and i was admitted into hospital, but i'm 28, a child's heart beat is normally faster,chances are he is just too relaxed during sleep but it will put your mind at rest if you follow it up with your health visitor or gp. hope this helps.x.
by momtofourboys, May 13, 2008
I just found in my pediatric book, it was giving to me by my son's cardiologist, that a noraml resting(seeping) heart rate for a child between the ages of 2-10 is 60-10 BPM resting (awake) should be 70-110 and exercise and fever can go up to 180.
can I ask was there anything that happened taht made you check. like did he have any symptoms of anything.
My son's heart rate while sleeping had gone down to 48. they say that if they aren't symptomatic of anything like dizziness or passing out then they don't worry. I mean my little man's heart rate just sitting has gone over 181-200. and he is in normal sinus rythm. now we had an episode hwere his hr went from 110 down to 48 when he was a wake they asked me several question and tey said that since he passed out he just bought himself a pace maker if he didn't pass out then they would not worry about it.
I guess what I am saying is if your little bundle of joy is not syptomatic of anyhting then it is proablly okay.
my little man has other issues.
I agree it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out just to make sure.
and one last thing ALWAYS ALWAYS go with oyur gut instinct. most of the time a parent's gut insticnt is right.
good luck
by msl3am, Mar 03, 2011
Hi, my kid nearing two months old has an average heart beat of around 60 bpm but he looks ok. I would like to seek your valuable experiences and views on this, greatful to you
by msl3am, Mar 03, 2011
(revised-sorry, it's old years old) Hi, my kid nearing two years old has an average heart beat of around 60 bpm but he looks ok. I would like to seek your valuable experiences and views on this, greatful to you
by grendslori, Mar 03, 2011
The normal HR for a two year old is between 85-125 bpm. The range of 60-100 bpm is for an adult. I would certainly have any child whose heart rate falls in the 50s range evaluated by a good pediatric cardiologist. On a side note, Medhelp also has a Pediatric Cardiology forum for parents to discuss their children's issues and to vent their fears. You are all welcome to visit us over on that patient site as well. Take care
by msl3am, Mar 04, 2011
Hi grendslori, most greatful to your reply.

He had an 24hours holter scan and the pediatric cardiologist said that he has 2 to 1 sinus block and occasional 3 to 1 block during sleep time...

However he commented the 'result is not that bad' and can continue to monitor the situation closely if we choose to hold back the pacemaker, have to review in 3 months time again.

Is there no way to improve the situation of a sinus block???

Very desperate now...
by grendslori, Mar 04, 2011
No, I'm afraid there isn't another way around it except the pacemaker. If he has one implanted then he will not be allowed to play contact sports; he could break the wires if he was playing heavy duty sports. If he is six years old, he is old enough to relate symptoms to you and those symptoms are what help to determine when a pacemaker is implanted. Most pacers work for many years and the implant is fairly a simple one. It is usually done in the cath lab instead of in an operating room and can be done as an outpatient. I am going to be gone until sometime Monday afternoon, just to let you know that I may not be able to get back to you until then take care.