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Two weeks chest pressure and burning
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Two weeks chest pressure and burning


On 27 Nov I felt chest pressure and mild pain and I called my primary physician, he suggested me to go to ER.
They did EKG, chest-xray, blood-work and said everything is normal and sent me home to follow-up with primary physician.
My primary physician prescribed me prevacid and ibuprofen 400mg twice a day. It seems did not work out for me and I had constant same chest pressure. The next Tuesday it was worse and I went to ER they did the same set of tests and everything was normal again.
They asked me to stay in hospital and let me seen by a cardiologist.
Next morning cardiologist order for a stress echo test, which came normal. My primary physician prescribed me celebrex 200mg  and prevacide.
My symptoms are not going away. I have follow-up with same cardiologist tomorrow.
I just noticed my symptoms getting worse if I am going outside and its cold outside (early morning and evening).
So, it seems cold is worsening my symptoms.
Right now I am feeling some tightness and pressure. Sometime mild paid comes and goes.

Please help, I am very worried now.

triglycerides : 350
HDL: 32
LDL: 90
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Unfortunately, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis over the internet just by description of your symptoms. However, it is reassuring that you have had multiple cardiac evaluations that have come back negative. It is unclear exactly what is going on but this could be related to a musculoskeletal issue (spasm) or reflux. If your symptoms continue persist, it may be necessary to be evaluated by another subspecialty where further diagnostic testing can be performed.
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CCF HeartMD6,
Thanks for replying.
I also feel burning sensantion at epigastric region and sometime reflux.
My cardiologist thought its not related to heart but ordered for a cta of coronary arteries. Before that he wants to see a gastroenterologist.
This morning i ran on treadmill for 20 minutes and I do not feel noticeable discomfort. But If I go outside in the cold weather and walk I start feeling chest pressure.    
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