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Weird blood pressure + other symptoms
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Weird blood pressure + other symptoms

I posted a question here last week but no answer so far.

I'm having low blood pressure with tingling and numbness in my left arm and legs as well and chest pain.

The pain is worse when I move, seem like maybe it's a pinch nerve, but also it's worse when I so minimal physical activities and also worse at rest. Also the numbness and tingling on the left side of the body is worse when i'm very anxious and have at the same time low blood pressure.

I'm on a low dose of propanolol 10 to 20 mg a day for the tachycardia, who is another problem, fast heart rate when I get up or when I sleep or do physical activities, the pulse rate is by far too high for the kind of physical activities I do, not normal to have a heart rate of 120 and more when you are lying down in your bed or 140 when you take your shower, and I always take care to not take a hot shower since it lower my blood pressure more and worse the tachycardia.

I just start a new therapy for my high anxiety, mainly panic with agoraphobia and somatisation disorder who mean that I focus on all the body symptoms I can feel in my body and have high anticipatory anxiety to suffer from a real disease.

At first I think the low blood pressure was linked to the hot wheater but this week it's cold and my blood pressure is very low for me, 100/55 when my normal was in the past 135/80-85... I drink a lot of water, take vitamins everyday, I dont exercise and I do smoke, who normally increase the blood pressure but now its doing nothing and just make me more nervous. Also I take once in while some Ibuprofen for my chronic headache and sometimes some Naproxen when the headache transform to a migraine and in the past it was increasing my blood pressure in the high range but now it's lowering it even lower...

I really dont know what happen with me. Is it possible that it's all anxiety related? Anxiety can lower blood pressure?

Is it possible that the problem come from my IBS-C problem? I have chronic constipation, no laxative work, i'm suppose to start biodfeedback for a poor pelvic muscles problem, but dont have the money for it for now, so I strain very hard at least 3 times a day, I can spend 15 to 20 minutes sit on the toilet straining, at some point my face is all red and see strange black circles in my vision and my head hurt like it's burning. I use glycerin suppositories to help me to have bowel movement but I always need to strain more and more cause I feel like my intestine is full and need to do more...

Did I mention that I had 2 intestinal obstructions in October 2011? I had 2 surgeries in the same week to repair my intestine and I have big difficulty to eat normal amount of foods, had enteral feeding for 4 months by a jejunostomy tube who was connected into my small intestine, since april 2012 the tube is remove and I can't gain weight, in fact I lost some weight.

If I look back when the IBS with constipation start, it was early in 2010 after an hemorrhoidectomy surgery who was so painfull that it's trigger anxiety to pass stool. So I start to eat less and less to the point that I went from 220 to 155 pounds before the 2 intestinal obstructions occur.

So is it possible that the weight I lost can be the main problem with my heart symptoms? I had a gastric by-pass in 2001 and went from 445 pounds to 190 pounds with no heart problem and no change in my blood pressure.

My Gastro Doc think I may have dumping syndrome, foods move too fast into the intestine so I have symptoms from it, mainly hypoglycemia and intestine pain.

I know, I have a lot of issues at the same time and they all trigger severe anxiety and anxiety by itself can do most of the symptoms I have right now, but I just dont feel right. My Cardio Doc think my heart is fine but by the way I feel, being always tired and not able to do physical activity like in the past is for me not normal. Also never had low blood pressure or chest pain or tingling/numbness on my left side, even when I had a panic disorder problem only...had the usual fast heart beat from the panic but nothing else...

So what can be the problem? Should I call my Cardio Doc again, I think he his tired of me and think it's all in my head and anxiety related since he do nothing to help me more.

Thanks for any kind of answer I can have ;-) And hope I will at least have one comment or some support!!!
Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament, but please don't worry. To begin with take a deep breath and relax. Nothing is as frightening or as difficult as it appears to be. As we see the problems appear to be the blood pressure and IBS.

Your blood pressure needs to be adequately controlled. Monitor your pressure on a regular basis and if still high, you need to have to have it under control to prevent complications.

For IBS there is no cure. But it is important to remember that some symptoms may persist or recur from time to time, despite treatment, and that IBS does not cause more serious disorders nor does it require surgery at any point of time.

As you discuss the various options with your doctor, try lifestyle measures they help to reduce the severity of symptoms. Stop becoming over anxious and practice relaxation techniques. Exercise, go for long relaxed walks. Avoid those foods which are high in oil content. refrain from adding extra salt. Avoid those foods which you feel are increasing your symptoms. Stop smoking, eliminate alcohol consumption, and avoid caffeinated beverages.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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