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White fingers and toes???
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White fingers and toes???

  I have SVT and multiple electrical pathways in my heart, flutter arrythmia, MVP with regergatation, and I take the beta blocker nadolol.  Several times I have noticed that my fingers (two or three) and my toes will go numb and completely white when it really isn't cold outside.  Why is this?  Is this a problem?  What are the possible treatments?
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Dear Brooke,
Usually when the digits turn white it is due to decreased blood flow (arterial
blood appears red or pink and goes in to the digits, whereas venous blood comes out
of the digits and appears blue.)  There are varying reasons for why a digit turns
white, however if all the digits turn white it is likely that there is vasoconstiction
of the arteries that feed the digits, thereby cutting off the blood supply which then
causes numbness (not enough blood and nutrients to the nerves in the hands and feet).
This condition is usually as a result of Raynauds disease.  It would be best if
you had this checked out by your regular doctor, or at least ask for a referral to
a rheumatologist or any physician that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment
of connective tissue disease and or Raynauds disease.  Good Luck.
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