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angina and syncope
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angina and syncope

  Dear Doctors,
  Thanks for all your help for everyone here on the bboard. I read all posts and information on angina via the search option as wellas on syncope, but......
  Is it possible at all to faint due to angina caused by coronary spasms?
  Are these spasms dangerous?
  Should it be treated?
  It is for the first time that I amalsosuffering from (near) syncope during the spasms. I also have a pacer but it works fine.
  Don't laugh, but can the spasms also be caused by eating something very cold like icecream?
  Thanks for your help!!
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Dear Mariette
1. Yes.
2. If you are in fact having coronary artery spasm leading to fainting, that is a life-threatening condition.
3. Absolutely.
4. Bring this to the attention of your doctor immediately.
5. Doubtful, if it is coronary artery spasm.
I hope this has been useful. I wish you the best of luck. Feel free to write back.
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